"Truly, a single photo can speak a thousand words and at this moment, I am seeing hundreds of photos and I am hearing millions of words coming out from those photos."

World Peace Center, just after reading it, I know there is peace and security inside. It was a huge white house that showcases hundreds of photos of the late Ferdinand Marcos, the 10th president of the Philippines who ruled the country for more than two decades.

World Peace Center Batac

Forgive me but I have no idea why this indoor photo gallery is called world peace center. But one thing is for sure, I am expecting vintage photos of the late Marcos.

I entered a huge door. The door was high and wide that made me feel I was given a grand entrance although at first, I didn't see any person who can welcome me.

As I advanced my feet into few more steps forward, I saw several people. They were quiet. It feels like inside this photo gallery was their office because they were wearing office attires until one person glanced before me with a smile.

With that warm smile, it was already enough for me to consider that World Peace Center is really safe... and there is peace.

Marcos Photo Gallery

Before entering the main part of this photo gallery, there was a huge board that obstructed the things to be seen inside the World Peace Center (I am not sure if they have removed it already as of this post). So it was like a suspense!

I asked the people I saw inside (on which I believe are in charge of the operation of this photo gallery) if I can proceed further and they waved a big smile with the word "yes!"

I took that opportunity to take a glimpse of what this photo gallery has to offer. I have to say Wow! I was emotional. I was overwhelmed because of these photos. Usual as it may seem, just ordinary photo collage which I consider as a giant photo mosaic but there was more from it.

I learned how great our late president was. Truly, a single photo can speak a thousand words and at this moment, I am seeing hundreds of photos and I am hearing millions of words coming out from those photos.

By merely looking at the photos of the late Ferdinand Marcos, my Filipino blood gushed with pride for this great man, an Ilocano, a line of blood where I belong. He has achieved a lot at a young age and those photos have spoken so clear and well.

Marcos has met great people, as great as him, from all over the world. The series of photos served as proof of his might power and influence those days which until now, still living.

It was a 15-minute of visit and of stirring my Ilocano pride. I have to say that although the Marcos' name is linked with issues of corruption, his achievements and accomplishments are still unparalleled by any Philippine president who has come to office and his influence and marks remain un-erased until now. /end

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