"Ruined structures mean beauty before my eyes. Each ruined structure has its own story to tell and beauty to share." 

I have to say that you don't need to go far to consider yourself a traveler because being a traveler doesn't mean you have to set foot to the farthest island, most remote community, the 81 provinces of the Philippines or to the 7 continents of the world.

Sometimes, many individuals get excited too much in going to places far from their homebase without being excited first to discover and explore the destinations near them -- and that doesn't make them cool travelers (just my two cents).

Personally, I have been wanting to explore and discover the 32 towns of my province and the towns of nearby provinces that 's why the #112on2012 goal was born earlier this year.

Right now, I am halfway of the goal and will be posting the summary of that 112 towns at the end of the year.

With my urge to explore and discover the things that are not considered "mainstream" in the travel industry, I roamed around the town of Badoc for several hours and found out some interesting landmarks like the La Virgen Milagrosa Church of Badoc and the Juan Luna Shrine, the birthplace of Juan Luna.

As I always do, I prefered to walk in roaming around the poblacion area with the hope to discover more spots that are not mainstream and not considered as a tourist spot. I am not a tourist though, so I was not looking for a tourist spot but anything that might interest me. 

I don't even consider myself as a traveler because what I am doing these days is a hobby. So I have to better say this is really me. I am not a traveler, not a tourist, but it is simply me. I travel and explore because it is a part of me.

Ilocos Norte Ruins
During my walk, I was energized that instant when I saw an old house and it made my effort worthy. I don't know what is the name of that ruin and what is the story behind that but the mere fact that I am seeing it made the day complete.

I love the past... the good things of the past. Ruined structures mean beauty before my eyes. Each ruined structure has its own story to tell, and beauty to share.

The ruin I discovered in Badoc was wonderful! I noticed the doors, it was sank to the ground. But I saw some modifications in it.

The old arched doors were blocked with hollow blocks so I can not enter. At the leftmost part of the ruined structure, there was a roof. I landed into conclusion that there was an effort to preserve the remaining "functional" parts of the structure.

Badoc Ilocos Norte Old Structures

Some parts are totally dilapidated. This structure must have been a big one! The growing aerial plants are evidence that the bricks are so old.

It is not known to many. However, whether it is famous or not, it is already a great contenmment that I have seen it before it is totally gone because once an old structure is gone, it is gone forever. /end

Badoc #TownExploration Series

Badoc Church | Black Belfry Over White FaçadeI Discovered a Beautiful Ruin in Badoc, Ilocos NorteI Discovered a Beautiful Ruin in Badoc, Ilocos Norte

Map Showing the Location of #Badoc

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  1. I remember that night in Cafe Leona where you shared your passion for exploring places that are just within your reach.. I actually was impressed with your plans of discovering these hidden gems and then writing about these places for others to see. I'm glad you've found another one that's worth viewing. Malay mo, it might be the next tourist attraction -- thanks to you! :)

  2. Oww Mai! You remembered that! :))

    Yeah, I really want to explore every corner of a certain town and discover something that is unknown to many :) BTW, thanks for the treat! :)

  3. It does look like some grandiose structure in the past. I love the windows and how you framed them in your snapshot.

  4. whew Edmar! i love ruins! <3!!!!


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