"Should we want to explore what's inside the Mansion, we were just prohibited to do so. It was for our eyes only."

One of the most talked about destinations in Baguio City, the Mansion is probably a landmark that every tourist wants to see. The Mansion has been built in 1908 to serve as the official summer residence of US Governor-Generals. Yes, you heard it right. It was originally designed to house the American Governors to the Philippines and not as a summer residence for Philippine presidents.

The Mansion Baguio
Malakas lang talaga ang trip namin dito

We were welcomed by a towering gate which made me think that this place is highly guarded -- there must be something precious inside.

We wanted to come inside but the gate was closed so we just stayed outside disappointed. Suddenly a guard came near and we asked him if we could enter the premises of The Mansion, luckily he allowed us but he instructed us to not go beyond the limits he was pointing.

The mansion baguio
The tall gate of The Mansion Baguio
The Mansion Marker - written in Ilocano

During World War II, it was badly damaged but was rebuilt on 1947. Since its revival on 1947, The Mansion Baguio became the official working home and office of the President of the Philippines.

In front of a green field, the Mansion stands with grandeur. Should we want to explore what's inside the Mansion, we were just prohibited to do so. It was for our eyes only.

the mansion baguio

Since our visit was only limited outside, we just posed for a funny photo souvenir to turn our disappointing experience memorable. Anyway, I don't question the security being imposed inside this Mansion and I respect that. I am just merely telling that we were just so disappointed of not seeing what's inside the Mansion.

We walked away from the Mansion after taking some photographs. Somehow, we were happy to see it. With some funny poses on our photos, I believe this will make our memories at the Mansion happy. /end

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