August 2014
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"...what I saw was an instant relief without dissociating from the Vigan culture and heritage."

How time flies... I used to see that corner of General Luna Street and Ventura de los Reyes Street as a creepy haunted spot in the heritage city where I grew up. I may not memorize the exact view of every corner but I am at least familiar with them. I am familiar with the houses and the buildings. At times, I even know who are the families living in those ancestral houses. But on February 8, 2014, opening day of the museum-hotel, that street corner that used to be perceived by my senses as eerie shone with elegance.

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna glows in the dark.

The external details of the hotel is a common scene in Vigan. The lighting effects? Well, many hotels here have done it too. But the change is remarkable since that ancestral house used to look dilapidated, abandoned and lonely. And for the fact that it is a museum-hotel makes this restored ancestral house interesting more than any other Vigan houses in the Mestizo District.

Hotel Luna in Night Mode

It was after sunset when I visited this museum-hotel for the first time. The elegance that I first witnessed was a perspective of the dark. I swear the daylight has another way of unleashing its dashing aura.

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] Just after you enter the hotel, look up.

Forget about daytime for the mean time because I'm going to feature this museum-hotel in night mode. The interior is where the lighting effects become sensational. Bulbs and lamps emitting different colors lay a handful of grace magnifying the beauty of different sculpture and ceilings with obviously delicate details.

Being a son of Vigan, a full-blooded Ilocano and a Bigueรฑo who see these ancestral houses everyday, my standard of a beautiful ancestral house is high. I first thought this was just a typical hotel in Vigan restored to attract tourists (and not us, Bigueรฑos, because as I said, we see ancestral houses everyday).

However, as I entered the hotel, I was impressed. It has set the bar higher. Now every Bigueรฑo should not miss visiting this hotel if they want to learn. This is my new standard of a beautiful 'restored' ancestral house. I am particular with the 'restored' character because nothing beats an ancestral house in their original vintage unaltered look.

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] This stair is the original.

Inside the hotel is another experience you should not miss. All the sculpture and paintings you'll see were crafted by the hands of great national artists and celebrated painters like the famous Ilocano painter Juan Luna whose roots are from the quaint town #BADOC


FAST FACTS: Badoc is Ilocos Norte's southernmost town. It gained popularity for being the hometown of a national artist, Juan Luna, the man behind the priceless Spolarium.


FAST FACTS: Ilocos Norte is the home province of Ferdinand Marcos, the Philippine president who served the longest time. It also has fine beaches in Pagudpud and Paoay Church, a world heritage site.

Poolside Dinner

Another thing you have to witness and experience inside the Hotel Luna by night is the poolside dining with the relaxing music played by a violinist.

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] A violinist serenade every guest.

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] The pool is surrounded by this grand structure.

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] optimum chill 

The pool emits a blue light while the violinist do the jazz and classic instrumentals on the playlist. It was just beautiful. Guests can actually enjoy the buffet with the ambiance of vintage elegance.

Stargazing in the rooftop

Another night activity to do in this museum hotel is to visit the rooftop, lie down (there are trendy couches you can use), drink your basi and enjoy the view of the ancestral houses clustered nearby and the houses lining the Calle Crisologo.

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna rooftop

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

peaceful and relaxing

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] Sky is the limit.

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] Carla and Darwin relaxing under the moon.

Together with some travel blogger friends Darwin, Julius, Carla and Christian, we witnessed the supermoon with the Ilocano wine basi made from sugarcane as the centerpiece.

The Loft Suite for the Night

Hotel Luna also gives the best Vigan experience when you stay with them. I mean, even the rooms were carefully designed to appear Vigan-ish. They will let you experience and see how the rooms of the elite of the past looked like. Some of the rooms like the executive suite have beds that depict the rich culture and heritage of Vigan. The designs were based on the traditional bed used by elite mestizos and heirs. I was given the chance to stay in one of their loft suites.

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] with a touch of the vintage

Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] spell c-o-m-f-o-r-t

[VIGAN] Hotel Luna

[VIGAN] a bed where it's hard to wake up

The great loft suite has erased all my stress. I entered the room tired from a walking tour around the city with travel blogger friends and what I saw was an instant relief without dissociating from the Vigan culture and heritage.

Hotel Luna room rates start at P5,000/night (regular rooms) up to P12,500/night. Buffet is available daily. Museum tour is also available daily during office hours. /to be continued...


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