February 2012
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"Unspoiled, sincere, peaceful , surprising - this is the sunset over a remote barrio that is not easy to experience in crowded beaches and touristy islands."

I have just visited a remote barangay of the historical town of Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur and did some tiring hike to steep trails to reach a waterfall. Spent much of our time, the darkness is coming in a rush. I just needed to hurry up to be safe. It was going dark and I am still at the remote barrios and it was about 15 minutes more before reaching the town center. It was not a regret, there I saw this magnificent sunset!

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What I love about exploring the remote barrios in our province and some adjacent provinces is the feeling of uncertainty. 

It is the uncertainty that gives you anxiety if what you are going to discover is of worth or not, good or bad, surprising or disgusting. That's the "thrill" and I am always looking after that thrill.

I exited the remote barrio of Babal-lasi-oan in the town of Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur and I have to pass several barangays more. At a barrio called "Gusing," my brother who was driving our motorbike was rushing to get rid of the dark along this remote barrios.

But the moment I saw this magnificent sunset I told him to stop to capture this moment in time - such a wonderful sunset in a barrio.

We are about to cross a river and there is no bridge here, in fact a bridge is under construction but the construction has been stopped due to lack of funds. No choice - cross the river!

The river remained calm as if it wants us to cross safely. Aside from that, the river gave us the best spot to appreciate this scene and it allowed the sky to reflect to its calm waters for us to enjoy.

Unspoiled, sincere, peaceful , surprising - this is the sunset over a remote barrio that can hardly be seen in crowded beaches and touristy islands.

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Photos, videos and stories of town explorations.
"My only target when I started blogging is to have 100 readers as maximum. Beyond that, it would be more than enough ..."

Well, well. This is not yet my official blogversary post. This is just a prelude, in fact it's 4 days more to go before that 1st year anniversary. I am on a high cloud LOL! It's been a year of fruitful blogging - nah! It is fruitful because I met new people through blogging, whether in facebook, twitter and in person. Unlike any other blogs, I am not earning here a good penny. In fact I am working to pay for my internet bills just for me to blog. Haha. My blog doesn't support me financially, I support my blog financially. LOL!

[SANTA MARIA] White-washed rocks of Pinsal Falls

Yes, 100 readers is my only target. I don't have a plan to be a blog superstar, I don't even have my own blog domain (as of this post). But if given a chance why not, especially a sponsor for my own domain? hehe. 

My only target when I started blogging is to have 100 readers as maximum. Beyond that, it would be more than enough and if it goes more, that would be a bonus and if I reach million readers, I promise I will be online 24 hours (Just give me 8-hour break) Haha!

Ow, I am actually hesitant if I am going to post this article but I really have to measure how I am doing online. It may sound demanding but this will let me know if how far I have reached working hard for my blog.

I call my self a traveler yet I am not well-traveled. For one year of blogging, I only got to visit 9 Philippine provinces. However, this didn't stop me to share my stories on the road.

From 9 provinces, I was able to make 125 articles. I think you just need to be creative, very observant, and have the itch to discover something for you to come up with many yet sensible stories on the road. 

Don't close the world outside, thousands of bloggable things are just waiting to be blogged, in the long run, our role as bloggers is to show the world how beautiful the world is.

I can say, I am not a highly-paid professional (for now, uy, umaasa, haha) to support my wanderlust spirit but I am making it sure that I will be updating this blog at least twice a week as time permits.

I really work hard to earn - to finance my internet bills and to travel. The formula is blogging + traveling = work hard. Uh, I hate working, but I need it. I am just true to myself.

I may have a hard time finding an escape from the prison of my job but I enjoy this kind of life. If am free, I am as aggressive as an eagle being freed after being put inside a huge cage.

This blog is of course very ordinary, it just serves as a personal journal of my travels since I hate writing a lot on my diary.

At the end of the day, this blog will still define me. It is not made to be famous, it was made to inspire and inform from my simple ideas and tips I learned along the road.

Taking the most bumpy path and visiting the remote destinations may be tiring and challenging but this is a part of my obligation for my loyal readers.

For me, blogging is more of a commitment, an obligation you have started to fill what your readers are waiting for.

Because this is not my career, only a hobby, I am not giving a giveaway! Hehe. I am kuripot much. But I want you my readers (na nagtitiyagang magbasa ng blog ko, lol) to do a favor to me. Ok wanna know? 4-3-2-1 Booooommmm! Can you like, tweet and +1 this article if you really LOVE this humble blog? <3. Uh, this will measure if I have reached the 100 readers ceiling.

At the end of the day I am still an ordinary person. I don't even have a DSLR or any gadget when I started this blog. And untill now, I am just a mere trying hard point and shooter without any idea of photography. If you think that will stop me blogging, of course not. I love my point and shoot. It has been with me whenever I go and I can't afford losing it.

I am blogging for my loyal readers and nothing but my loyal readers. Thanks to all my readers. This blog came a long way because of you and exists because of you. If fortune may come, that is because of you and rest assured, my priority will be you.

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Photos, videos and stories of town explorations.
"Those gravity-defying and death-don't-care goats just continue to stay at the almost vertical mountain slope in Sallacong, Bantay, Ilocos Sur."

The mountain is exceedingly steep and for a person to stand at that point, he will surely fall down. But wait, during my sight-seeing in a remote community called Sallacong or San Mariano, I was amazed to see goats just situated at the extremely steep slope of the mountain and they were just standing there still - don't know the reason why.

I think I just need the explanation of experts, could be scientists in general or biologists or anyone who is expert in this field to please explain why these goats are standing in this extremely steep slope of the mountain and not at the grassy plain?

In fact, the website, dailymail.co.uk has published an unbelievable photo taken in Italy featuring animals called the Alpine Ibex Goats climbing a nearly vertical dam without the fear of dying secondary to falling, uh!

Photo grabbed from dailymail.co.uk - photo posted for comparisson
Alpine Ibex Goats climbing a near vertical wall in Italy

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As for me, I think I have just encountered in person the Philippine version of this amazing feat and I saw it in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. Those gravity-defying and death-don't-care goats just continue to stay at the almost vertical mountain slope in Sallacong, Bantay, Ilocos Sur.

According to my research, the goats in Italy were not just here to show-off or to bring a great big show but eccentrically, they are here to graze! Yes, to graze, not grass but to lick the stones for their salt.

Somehow, I can relate these scientific findings to this strange encounter I have seen in Sallacong. Actually, the slope where the goats were situated was in fact an altered mountain. It was scraped to give way for a multi-billion irrigation project. 

To prevent land slides to the irrigation facility, the mountain slope, almost vertical, has been somewhat "cemented," not exactly cemented but they have applied chemicals to the mountain to control soil erosion.

Amazingly, these goats have found their new home. Below are my photos with the attempt to compare the said phenomenon in Italy. Since they are the same goats, they may have the same purpose here in Sallacong as what is happening in Italy.

Well, just an unforgettable wildlife encounter in this hidden community and who would expect that in this remote place, I can find these things.

I am glad that  I bravely entered this place because my instinct was just true that there is something interesting to be discovered in this place.

I won't say my photos are as astonishing as the photos of the goats in Italy but at least, I am trying to connect this phenomenon there and for that, that could be close enough :)) /end

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