"My only target when I started blogging is to have 100 readers as maximum. Beyond that, it would be more than enough ..."

Well, well. This is not yet my official blogversary post. This is just a prelude, in fact it's 4 days more to go before that 1st year anniversary. I am on a high cloud LOL! It's been a year of fruitful blogging - nah! It is fruitful because I met new people through blogging, whether in facebook, twitter and in person. Unlike any other blogs, I am not earning here a good penny. In fact I am working to pay for my internet bills just for me to blog. Haha. My blog doesn't support me financially, I support my blog financially. LOL!

[SANTA MARIA] White-washed rocks of Pinsal Falls

Yes, 100 readers is my only target. I don't have a plan to be a blog superstar, I don't even have my own blog domain (as of this post). But if given a chance why not, especially a sponsor for my own domain? hehe. 

My only target when I started blogging is to have 100 readers as maximum. Beyond that, it would be more than enough and if it goes more, that would be a bonus and if I reach million readers, I promise I will be online 24 hours (Just give me 8-hour break) Haha!

Ow, I am actually hesitant if I am going to post this article but I really have to measure how I am doing online. It may sound demanding but this will let me know if how far I have reached working hard for my blog.

I call my self a traveler yet I am not well-traveled. For one year of blogging, I only got to visit 9 Philippine provinces. However, this didn't stop me to share my stories on the road.

From 9 provinces, I was able to make 125 articles. I think you just need to be creative, very observant, and have the itch to discover something for you to come up with many yet sensible stories on the road. 

Don't close the world outside, thousands of bloggable things are just waiting to be blogged, in the long run, our role as bloggers is to show the world how beautiful the world is.

I can say, I am not a highly-paid professional (for now, uy, umaasa, haha) to support my wanderlust spirit but I am making it sure that I will be updating this blog at least twice a week as time permits.

I really work hard to earn - to finance my internet bills and to travel. The formula is blogging + traveling = work hard. Uh, I hate working, but I need it. I am just true to myself.

I may have a hard time finding an escape from the prison of my job but I enjoy this kind of life. If am free, I am as aggressive as an eagle being freed after being put inside a huge cage.

This blog is of course very ordinary, it just serves as a personal journal of my travels since I hate writing a lot on my diary.

At the end of the day, this blog will still define me. It is not made to be famous, it was made to inspire and inform from my simple ideas and tips I learned along the road.

Taking the most bumpy path and visiting the remote destinations may be tiring and challenging but this is a part of my obligation for my loyal readers.

For me, blogging is more of a commitment, an obligation you have started to fill what your readers are waiting for.

Because this is not my career, only a hobby, I am not giving a giveaway! Hehe. I am kuripot much. But I want you my readers (na nagtitiyagang magbasa ng blog ko, lol) to do a favor to me. Ok wanna know? 4-3-2-1 Booooommmm! Can you like, tweet and +1 this article if you really LOVE this humble blog? <3. Uh, this will measure if I have reached the 100 readers ceiling.

At the end of the day I am still an ordinary person. I don't even have a DSLR or any gadget when I started this blog. And untill now, I am just a mere trying hard point and shooter without any idea of photography. If you think that will stop me blogging, of course not. I love my point and shoot. It has been with me whenever I go and I can't afford losing it.

I am blogging for my loyal readers and nothing but my loyal readers. Thanks to all my readers. This blog came a long way because of you and exists because of you. If fortune may come, that is because of you and rest assured, my priority will be you.

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Born and Raised in Vigan, Philippines. Hardcore Ilocano-Cordilleran. Professional Nurse on Weekdays. Coffee Addict. Travel Blogger in Between. For collaboration or partnership, email your business proposal at admin@edmaration.com.

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  1. You aim is to reach 100 readers. The way I interpret that is the beginning of more travel blog. There could be another 100 readers, more and more, and more. Congratz!

    1. Sir Gil thank you so much. Ganito pala talaga ang feeling ng mag-aanniversary ng blog. Im a bit emotional talaga. Call me OA peru ganun talaga :O

  2. natweet ko na. =) advance happy blog anniversary. my blog just turned 1 last week.

  3. Thank you so much for the love michi. Uy, congrats din sayo.

  4. from a goal of 100 readers to 600 plus readers!!! Great Job!!! I am sure you'll reach you million readers soooooon!:)) Congrats!!

  5. With my full support of course. Edmar is the instrument in transforming my site into a good one. He is remarkably good. I actually followed his blog everytime I open my blog. Not hopping but really have to read his post. They are interesting. He uses simple english. Congrats Edmar. Hope to see you one of these days. If there's dream destination? Vigan is one.

  6. @Gemma, may you have the tongue of an angel :)) Ang saya niyan!

  7. @Sir Bonz, Thank you so much for the compliment. I remember my teachers and mentors in writing before telling me that "A good writer writes words that will make his readers understand the story."

    I believe using rare and strange English words does not make you a good writer at all, you are a good writer if your audience can understand what you want them to know. I want a wide range of readers from professionals, students including the people with a hard time reading and understanding English. Simplicity is beauty., :))

  8. AKO NA! AKO NA! Ako na ang # 1 supporter mo ED! While reading your post, parang binabasa ko sarili kong blogging account - "My blog doesn't support me financially, I support my blog financially"!

    Same here dude, BATANG GALA lang tlga ako, output ko ang BLOGGING!

    INGAT sa trails Ed! Oist, naka 9 provinces ka na? Its time na mag byaheng Mindanao ka na, Choose DAVAO. :)daming puede mong maikuwento dito. :)

  9. @Olan, Sure! Gusto ko ang Davao. Been there about 10 years ago, musmos pa ako noon haha. I wanna be back!

  10. Congatulations on your blog's first year! May you have more adventures and more readers for years to come =) Best wishes! - Ed of www.eazytraveler.com

  11. @EAZY! Thanks a lot! Gaining inspiration from you as well :)

  12. awww! this is so inspiring!
    continue to travel more and blog more.
    cheers! :)

  13. Congrats and happy 1st Blogversary! :) I understand the "My blog doesn't support me financially, I support my blog financially." hahaha.. But go lang ng go and have many more travel and blogging years to come.. :) Even if blogging is not financially rewarding, especially for hobbyists like us, it can definitely give self satisfaction.. :)

    PS: Liked, +1'd and tweeted ;)

  14. @Sumi! Wow thanks a bunch!
    Yup, just continue the hobby, walang basagan ng trip, haha.

  15. Happy blogversary! Continue to awe and inspire us :) And let us make this world a better place to live in thru continuous sharing of blog posts. More power!

  16. @Yani, thanks! Yeah, I believe bloggers could change the world!

  17. Congratulations!!! :D On my part, if I only started being serious when i first started my blog, I would have had my 3rd blogversary by now! Haha, but nah, I just started last year.

    Just like you, blogging for me is just a way for me to pursue what I love doing. The financial bit (if there is any) is just an added bonus if ever :))

  18. @Aileen, correct. If fortune comes, that would be bonus!

  19. Ikaw na! Hahahaha! Winner ka! Happy anniv in advance!

  20. you've traveled a lot and your blog is amazing.. congratulations!

  21. Tweet, Like and +1 if you support this blog. ---> That is clever Marketing! Hahahaha Happy 1st Blogging Anniversay. I certainly like your blog. :) All the best! Jenny xxx

  22. @Jen, hehe. I'm not forcing anyone though, but if they do it. Big thanks. ! Hahahaah!

  23. woooow! congrats edmar!!! way to goooo..we have the same ecstatic feelings few days before my 1st blog anniversary..it even inspired me to work harder for my blogs especially that earning ain't far from blogging..goooow goooow goooow! i suggest, you gotta get your own domain now.. :D

  24. @Gagay, yes... I really need my own domain now. soon!

  25. Wow! Congratulations!

  26. Congrats, Edmar!!! :) Your posts are amazing!

  27. I think you are still lucky because you get to see different places around the Philippines... me? I only get to see the local supermarket... that's how travelled I am... hahaha

  28. wow, I've never celebrated any of my blog's anniversary... well, congratulations to you..

  29. congratulations and continue to share nice photos!

  30. congrats on your 1st year, and good luck on the coming years pa. :-)

  31. Happy blog anniversary!! Can't wait to celebrate mine.. Haha.. Been blogging for 3 months palang do far I'm enjoying it but nakakapagod din pala! Salamat sa into for the guidance... Happy blog anniversary again!!!! Keep on blogging! ;)

  32. Wow you did a pretty good job keeping up this blog! It seems you enjoy blogging so cheers to another year of travel, photography, writing, and meeting other bloggers! :-)

  33. Congratulations to you!!!!love your photos

  34. love your blog!!! nice travel posts..


  35. Goodness, your post reminded me that I forgot about marking my 1-year blogversary! It was supposed to be Jan. 5. Yay. Next year na lang. 2nd-year blogversary. :-)

  36. happy anniversary to your blog, dude. hoping for more of your journeys in the future.

  37. Happy Anniversary. Looking forward to more fantastic posts from you.:)

  38. congratulations on your anniversary.. keep on blogging.. ^_^

  39. congrats ser! isa ito sa pinakapaborito kong travel blogs. more travels sayo ser! :D

  40. Congratulations to you! I am very happy for the success of you blog and I am hoping that you will entertain, educate and share personal experiences to the public by posting. More power to you!

  41. Happy anniversary to your blog! Well, advance. And its good to know that your blogging not for fame. :) Keep it up!

  42. congrats to your 1st blogvesary, more travel and posts! with your blog we can see the beauty of the Philippines, it's more fun in the Phils!

  43. Congrats! Happy 1st blogoversary! Natawa ako sa mga disclaimers and pa-humble effect mo. But I also felt relieved kasi wala din ako DSLR at sariling domain. I'm not the only travel blogger pala who can't be bothered about those things. Basta blog lang ng blog! :)

  44. @AJ, correct! Blog lang ng blog! Blogging is also for the poor, like me, hehe.

  45. Congrats! Keep on fighting and striving to do what you love =)

  46. Congratz Ed!
    My blog is not a year old..
    But I guess for both of us, we have come a long way..
    Some blogs out there meets early death because the blogger looses heart to continue...
    just keep moving forward..
    I like reading your articles, exchg or no exchg..
    They give me tips on how I can make tipid on the road.. lol!
    I'm a big spender, that has always been my downfall and I'm trying to chg it..
    Your blog is inspiring.
    there is no problem with point and shoot cams,
    but it would give you more pleasure if you understand at least the basics.. I tell you, photography is pleasurable.

  47. @Francis, thanks so much... Yes, I wanna learn more photography that much ")

  48. congrats! Please continue sharing with us all these wonderful places and stories you have been sharing all this time.

  49. Advance congratulations then. More fruitful years to come. God bless.
    from ellinor of http://raelstephanie.wordpress.com/

  50. Wow that's great... just celebrated my first anniversary also... another fruitful year to come. Yahweh bless.

  51. Happy anniversary to your blog!!! I'm going to celebrate my blogversary soon as well :D Keep blogging. You are doing great! Liked this post :)

    - Mich of Mich Eats and Shops

  52. Congratulations to you and I wish you more blogging years to come. Buti ka pa you only need more vacation leave haha but I need more money.. LOL cheers!!!!
    - sionee


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