"So you want to explore the town of Tagudin and you don't have any idea what this town has to offer? Let me help you based on my experience." 

Tagudin is actually an interesting town that can give you history lessons and interesting trivia. It is the first town in Ilocos when you are coming from Manila via land travel or if in case you want to make alay lakad to death, why not? It is still the first town from the south :p

So now, I have found interesting tourist spots you need to see, or if you are not a tourist, or if you don't want to be called that way, there are "interesting places" you might want to see. Of course, I will give you some important details and reminders and it will be up to you if you want to see the place. So here we go!

Bio View Deck

Bio View Deck | tagudin, Ilocos Sur
Let's start with the Bio View deck. Uh, please don't get confused if it is Bio deck or view deck because it is actually Bio view deck, makes sense?

The view deck is located in Brgy. Bio which is the southernmost barangay in Tagudin, also the first barangay you have to take in Ilocandia when you are traveling by land from the south. The viewing deck is located at the top of a hill.

What to do here:

Enjoy the view: So what to do here? Just stand the whole day! Lols. Kidding aside, it is a view deck and it will allow you to view the boundary of La Union and Ilocos Sur provinces, the beautiful Amburayan River and the Amburayan Bridge. If you love viewing a view (equation: view x view = view2, lols), then the Bio View deck is the place for you.

Picnicking: There is also picnic area at the view deck. Enjoy the fresh air and the countryside ambiance of two provinces in one vantage point which is the Bio view deck made for viewing a view in your own point of view :p

*Censored* There is another one, and usually couples do it at night according to my source, but I won't tell it because this is not a night life guide, this is a tourist spots guide :p Any idea? lols. Anyway forget about that, this post did not undergo proofreading :p

How to go here: Just after you cross the Amburayan Bridge which comes before the Ilocos Sur welcome arch if you are from the south, look at your right side, you will see this view deck. Just take the stair then climb. Coming from the north, look at your left, it is located before the bridge.

Amburayan River and Amburayan Bridge

Amburayan River | Tagudin, Ilocos Sur
A walk away from the Bio view deck is the Amburayan River. It originates from Benguet then terminates in Tagudin. The bridge spanning across the river is called the Amburayan Bridge which connects the two provinces of La Union and Ilocos Sur.

What to do here: 

River fishing: Do what the locals do. If you are well-versed with river fishing, it could be a cool leisure activity without doing a break dance.

Picnicking: You can also have a picnic at the riverbank. You can fish at the river for your meal. If you don't know how to fish probably because you are suffering from a carpal tunnel syndrome then just bring your own food. There are no picnic tables, it's a cow thing, I mean be a cowboy, or a cowgirl (I don't know if they allow cowgays here).

Swimming: If you are into swimming, then why not! Locals also go here to swim, simply to release heat and be refreshed.

Photo walk: If you are not into photo swimming, blah... you can still do a photo walk here. The place is photographer friendly.

*Semi-censored* Swim nude! Urgh... Swim like you are in a nude beach, but be sure your body from the waist down should be submerged into the water :p Oh no! Please don't follow this advice, this suggestions isn't approved by the BIR.

Warning: The water gets harsh at times, so be sure there is no typhoon or unlimited monsoon rains via chem-trail if you plan to go here. Also, there are no facilities or resorts near here to hire a bikini or fishing material and cooking materials so bring your own. I told you this is a cow thing. Better, bring an already cooked food if you're not cow-ish.

How to go here: The Amburayan Bridge, which is the first bridge you will be taking before entering Ilocos, should be the landmark you have to take note if you are coming from the south. It comes before the Ilocos Sur welcome arch! Just go below the bridge by following the trails.

Tagudin Sundials

Tagudin Sundials are Spanish-era structures. The two sundials of Tagudin are the oldest sundials in the Philippines and the only sundial used during the Spanish regime.

What to do here:

Tell the time using the sundial: The sundials are still working, so don't miss the chance to know what time is it by interpreting the shadows at the sundial. That would be your challenge.

Don't touch the structure: Don't you ever dare touch the structure. This is a part of our heritage and it needs to be preserved. Touching will lead to vandalism. So, prevention is better than cure. If no one will touch it, there would be no vandalism. So be a responsible individual, traveler or tourist.

How to go here: There are two sundials in town, the one is located in front of the municipal hall and the other is inside the St. Augustine's School just beside the Tagudin Church. Don't forget to ask for directions from the locals, this is mainly DIY. More tips and learn more about this sundial by clicking here and not there.

Tagudin Church and Belfry

Tagudin Church is a must-see in Tagudin. It has a Baroque architecture and was completed by Fr. Juan Sorolla in 1832. It also has a belfry situated east of the church which was built with distance from the church as  caution for earthquakes. Learn more about this church by clicking here:

How to go here: The church is located at the heart of the town so it is very visible and accessible  once you know how to go to Tagudin which I have discussed below, going to this church will be as easy as ABC. Or you could just ask the locals anytime about the direction. It is very D-I-Y.

Farola Lighthouse

Farola Lighthouse is one historical landmark in Tagudin. It builds an Ilocos-Belgium connection (click here to learn more) and it is about 100 years old.

For the things to do and the history, click here.

How to go here: From the Tagudin town hall, get a tricycle and ask the driver to drive you to the Farola Lighthouse in Brgy Farola. Fare costs about 30-50 pesos. Traveling in group would be much cheaper via the benefit of sharing for the fare. If you have your own vehicle, Farola is located midway the Poblacion and Bitalag. You can ask for the locals for the direction along your way.

Farola Beach

So you want a silent beach in Tagudin? There are several beaches but it is only the Farola beach that I was able to see. It is located near the Farola lighthouse. This beach is the landing site of Belgian missionaries.

The beach has pebble and dark sand shorelines. Learn more here:

How to go here: Same with Farola Lighthouse, please refer above.
Go for adventure and off-road travel in Tagudin, then Ambalayat hanging Bridge is the place for you. It is actually a footbridge but they are used of calling it as a hanging bridge. It is located in Brgy Ambalayat, the last barangay in the town at the east separated by the Amburayan River, thus, the foot bridge.

How to go, what to do here? Check it out here.

How to go to Tagudin?

Click the map to see all posts about Tagudin.

From Vigan Bus Terminal, get a south bound bus (Vigan-San Fernando, Vigan-Carmen). The fare is 100 pesos as of July 2012. You can also ride on a Vigan-Tagudin PUV located north of the Ilocos Sur Capitol in Vigan.

From San Fernando City, La Union, get a north bound bus or PUV. Drop at the Yellow Market, that would be your starting point in exploring the town. Yellow market is located along the national highway in Tagudin.




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