0 [Vigan] Crispy Bagis: Deep-Fried Pork Intestine with Suká

"From longanisa, empanada, sinanglao, warek-warek and pipian to name a few, one can conclude that Bigueños are not Vegans."

Vigan is not just about the old houses, the calesa and its museums. The Ilocanos of Vigan and nearby towns are passionate for food. Vigan has versions of many food we already know. 


[VIGAN] crispy bagis with suká from Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur

From longanisa, empanada, sinanglao, warek-warek and pipian to name a few, one can conclude that Bigueños are not Vegans. The Vigan diet is the opposite of Vegan diet since the former is all about meat... and uhmm, the cholesterol.

About the Food: Crispy Bagis

Bagis is the Ilocano term for intestine. The food I am featuring now is a pig intestine and this food (we call at home bagis-bagis) is one of my childhood favorites; even until now.


[VIGAN] This food is also called bagis-bagis (doubling the fun).

Eating pig intestines in Vigan is very common. You know, we love eating bagnet not to mention the plethora of Vigan dishes that are pork-based like longanisa, warek-warek, lomo-lomo, sinanglao (although beef and goat meat is used too), igado and many more.

So after the mataderos de Vigan (these are 'formally' trained butchers here) slaughter the pig for the love of bagnet and longanisa in Brgy Pagpartian (Pagpartian literally means a slaughterhouse), the intestines are saved and sold. Now every Bigueño can cook it all they want.

Where to Eat Crispy Bagis?

If you're in Vigan, this is a common food. If you're staying with the locals, you can just ask them to cook bagis. But if you want to try this in restaurants, Bistro Amarillo has it.


[VIGAN] The elegance is seen from outside.


[VIGAN] eye-catchy ceiling


[VIGAN] exterior of Bistro Amarillo

While roaming around Vigan, I went to Bistro Amarillo and rediscovered this old favorite. They deep-fried it and named it crispy bagis on the menu.

Bistro Amarillo address: Hotel Salcedo, General Luna corner Salcedo Street, Vigan City (just in front of HOTEL LUNA

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). They are open everyday from breakfast to dinner hours.

Ending Musings

I've been living here for 25 years now (since birth) and I realized I'm not expanding and enriching the knowledge I know about my hometown. I usually blog about the places and the food I discover outside Vigan (but not Vigan itself). Now I realized being a travel blogger doesn't necessarily mean you have to write about far-flung places or the 81 provinces and the 7 continents of the world. I've learned to appreciate what can be seen nearby. That and that. For me that is traveling. Traveling is learning.

Expect that I'll be posting more about Vigan and Ilocos Sur for the upcoming days and please vote Vigan for the New7Wonder Cities of the world. Vote here: http://www.n7w.com/en/cities /end

Vigan #TownExplorations Series

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