"As our scooter gets closer to that gigantic rock, the majesty, grandeur and the royal highness of that rock becomes more stunning every moment being the queen of all rocks in that area."

In a jungle where scarcity of human population is evident, there are a lot of surprises. Because of remoteness, there are things hidden by the mysteries and stories of the residents. But towns like this need to move on and go out with usual inconvenient way of living inside a jungle with several little cluster of communities. I landed in the town of Suyo, Ilocos Sur and gladly, the mountain town is now gaining a connection to the more developed towns.

Alone and Free!

Unexpectedly, I really thought that the place will be very challenging for us to traverse because it is located up high the highlands of Ilocos Sur where there are no nice road networks and infrastructures.

Surprisingly, I came to know that I just underestimated my expectation with the town and to encounter it personally is an unbelievable feeling because the road is better than what I am seeing at the lowlands, and the cities as well.

I encountered a lot of bridges along the road that span several rivers that have separated the town for years from the other more developed towns. Now through these projects, we are now bridging the gap between development and underdevelopment. Dozens of bridges were constructed within a span of not more than a year to complete the highway and pursue the convenience while on the road.

These dozen bridges in the town of Suyo, Ilocos Sur is just the first step in the dozens of opportunities that may come to the town through trading their Rambutan products, coffee, ube and other local produces. It is also a very important tool to show to the world the dozens of beauty the town could offer us.

An instant feeling of solitude truly came in the depth of my soul as I take that very great opportunity to grasp and enjoy that very fresh chilly air that is impossible to find in the downtown of cities.

Mostly, the construction of development projects may destroy and alter the natural beauty of a place but in Suyo, the scenery was enhanced! Thanks to the roads and the bridges that are bringing the people to experience the charm of Suyo town.

Freedom! Approaching the Huge Mountain rock

The well-paved mountain roads curved at the slopes of the mountains has brought me to a different experience for without it, I may not reach Suyo with ease. In the past years, the town is really sleepy and no one would dare to go there given the hindrances of traveling such muddy rough narrow roads and the lack of bridges to cross the wild rivers and rapids.

But now the story is different. It is more inviting because those bridges have bridged the gap between doubt and trust. We can trust those bridges and roads to lead us safely in the town.

One of the many bridges

Marker: Urzadan Bridge

Huge Stones: Find the small man

From afar, the stones at the river may look so small but in a nearer scale, some stones are as large as a bus!

So this river is not that typical town river, it is huge, wide with a big volume of potential threats. However in its calmest period, it is an asset to the people being a host for aquaculture-related industries and fishing.

Those huge rocks that serve as a partial obstruction for the river flow hail their own queen! As we reach another bridge called the Urzadan bridge of the same town, I got mixed emotions to see a huge mountain rock that is meeting us as we were able to cross the curved part of the road!

I was emotional that I even wanted to cry just to express the unexplainable feeling of amazement to what I saw and at the same time the fear that a landslide would happen  being a first timer to see that.

We paused our journey with my bro for a while to enjoy the amazing and heavenly view! The Urzadan bridge is meeting the huge rock mountain at the end!

As our scooter gets closer to that gigantic rock, the majesty, grandeur and the royal highness of that rock becomes more stunning every moment being the queen of all rocks in that area.

The gigantic rock mountain was really a grand welcome for us telling that the town will remain strong amidst the calamities and dangers of nature and that the beauty will remain.

We had a long while spent at Urzadan bridge and we only saw one vehicle that passed the bridge aside from us. It feels like I was in a natural national park wherein it was exclusively made for me and my bro.

As we looked down below the bridge, we saw persons fishing and it is hard to imagine where these people came from because looking around, there is no house, and worse, there is no practical, if not impossible, place to build a house.

A river in Suyo

The only truck we met along the road in Suyo

Rocky Mountain

A memorable encounter really. The huge mountain rock is decorated by tropical vegetation at its foot but in a certain height, the rock is exposed.

Thanks to the bridges of Suyo because I was able to see the beauty of the town. Truly the bridge didn't just bring me to see an awesome gigantic creation of God but also this bridge will bring the people to Suyo that eventually bring the town a gigantic opportunity for trade and tourism.

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