"What makes it more beautiful, relaxing and soothing is the cool air, sometimes you have to encounter fogs, the tall pine trees and the beautifully blooming flowers around that blend well together to feel a Swiss-like village in the Philippines."

The lake is located at the center of the city. I mean, everything center - center of business, center of tourism, center for leisure, etc. The location is really strategic. Imagine that! A lake was created within a metropolis up high the highlands of Cordillera.

The man-made lake called the Burnham Lake located within a park with the same name, Burnham Park in the city of Baguio, Philippines is the melting point of culture and different kinds of people. The park is busy almost the whole day. 

As you roam around, you'll be able to hear a group of people speaking Cebuano at one side, and at the other corner is Ilonggo, beside you is another Ilocano tongue and behind you are groups of people speaking Tagalog, English, Taglish and in a surprising manner, some speak Ibaloi and Kankanna-ey. 

It is not uncommon to experience those because Baguio City is a premier tourist destination in the Philippines and everyone loves to go in this lovely place. Burnham Park with the man-made lake is the most popular destination in this city so expect to hear different languages in this part of Baguio. However, Tagalog is the most widely used which is the Philippines' national language then Ilocano, Baguio's native tongue along with other minor dialects.

Around the Burnham Lake is teaming with fun, excitement and activities but if you wish to reflect and have a personal reflection, the view of the Burnham Lake would be that enough to soothe your soul.

What makes it more beautiful, relaxing and soothing is the cool air, sometimes you have to encounter fogs, the tall pine trees and the beautifully blooming flowers around that blend well together to feel a Swiss-like village in the Philippines.

The ambiance is of great help to have a quiet time. Although the place is filled with a lot of people and activities, you still can't help but to feel a relaxing feeling in a relaxing scene given those variables at hand.

Around the lake is full of activities. Boating at the lake itself is a very popular choice. Anyone can enjoy the ride as you're going to float at the man-made lake through rented colorful boats.

Aside from boating, anyone can also enjoy biking, jogging or simply walking around the lake.

Burnham Park is an urban park that is planned as part of Baguio's urban planning. The Burnham Park is named after Daniel Burnham, an American architect and an urban planner who laid out the plans for the city.

The man-made lake is the main feature of Burnham Park. Around the lake is filled with a lot of leisure activities and experiences.

At the southern part of the lake is a skating rink. At the Eastern part is the Melvin Jones Grand Stand and Football Field. This grand stand is where activities such as concerts, parades and political rallies are made. And there you have the football field. No wonder, the architect is from America, a football-crazy nation.

At the western part of the lake is the Children's Park and the Orchidarium where one can rent a bike - single bike, bike in tandem or bike with sidecar. There are also bikes for little kids.

At the northern part of the lake is the bust of Daniel Burnham where a rose garden is located.

Really, around the man-made lake is filled with activities. Aside from those mentioned from North to South and East to West, there are more activities waiting.

Among these plenty of activities are chatting with friends, picnicking, having pedicure and manicure, dating and name them.

As I observe the behavior of the people in this park, I observed that eating at the edges of the lake is a good choice especially with a hot sip of coffee and a hot barbecue.

It is also a place for family bonding. Really a nice choice.

At the Burnham Park, no one can really hide the happiness and enjoyment that every person can feel because the park is like a small city within a city full of trade and commerce, with attractions, full of people of different culture, experiences, happenings, activities and the like in one man-made lake and a park.

Truly, the park brings smile to every face. /end

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