"The outbreak of Dengue fever in Ilocos Sur has consumed my time so fast that all my life was revolving around my beloved Dengue patients."

I was not infected with Dengue Virus but I was a victim. I need to donate my precious time to our society to take care of the Dengue patients while they recover and look for money for their hospital bill afterwards. Our country needed our help and it was my oath to serve humanity. Everyone can be a victim! Several weeks without travel and blogging isn't normal to me. There must be something wrong until I realized that I am now becoming workaholic. Our country, especially places where there is a Dengue Fever outbreak needs the help of health care professionals and I was obliged to do my duty as a nurse. So, bye blogging in the mean time.

Sunday duty in red

At the photo, I didn't have the guts to smile and pose because I was so much stressed and haggard due to skipped meals and sleepless night duties. I really had no enough time to go blogging and get stuck online as my usual routine. 

The hospital was fully loaded - fully loaded with stress... and Dengue Fever patients. With the usual headache and epigastric pain they have, at first glance, plus the low WBC and platlelet count, I already  knew if the patient has Dengue Fever or not [not to mention the tourniquet test]. I also mastered to determine whether the patient will survive the infection shortly or in a long-term basis.

The outbreak of Dengue fever in Ilocos Sur has consumed my time so fast that all my life was revolving around my beloved Dengue patients. I have missed blogging and as I blog a new entry again, the feeling I experienced when I was still starting my blog is coming back. It seems like I am a beginner again and as I opened my account, there were a lot of changes with blogger and they have introduced a new interface. I feel ignorant. It's been a very long while.

The typhoon is also a factor in hindering my routine online. Of course, the rain will leave a lot of water, stagnant water to be exact where the Dengue-carrying mosquito called Aedes aegypti will lay their eggs. Of course, if there is typhoon, there is power interruption, no internet access, no signal, and the like! Huh! It was a tough moment that when the volume of Dengue patients ceased, I was feeling a different life because there was no internet connection, my camera isn't working, my CPU needed a repair and everything follows! This is a tough challenge to me and I just can't take it anymore!

It was a joy being a nurse - help and inspire others but it is a happiness being a blogger - entertain and inspire others. I'm back, hopefully in a grand manner. /end

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