"It is not a question why the couple I am seeing is facing the sky because I have personally seen how romantic the sky that time."

Located at the top of a hill, I saw several couples at their closest serious private moments. They feel so united at the top of this hill overlooking the downtown of the city of San Fernando in La Union. With the romantic sunset, their moments are unstopped. Being a public park, the couples don't care what people will say at all, they just continued their love businesses in spite of the fact that I am just beside and near them taking photos of the sunset and also them.

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It was about to go dark and I landed to a place in San Fernando City, La Union called the Chinese Pagoda or formally known as the Filipino-Chinese friendship park.

Ok, this post has been created because the Valentines Day is fast approaching and every couple seemed to have just been preparing for the Valentine's Day (pa-segwey). At the Chinese Pagoda in La Union, everyday is Valentine's Day! Yes, every day is a love day because according to my sources (gossip?), this place is a favorite destination for couples who love to display their love on public (since this is a public park, lol).

It is not a question why the couple I am seeing is faceing the sky because I have personally seen how romantic the sky that time.

The heavens are painted with orange and yellow giving a feeling of enlightenment and of course, more love. If I were here with my girl, I will surely be carried away by the romance the sunset sky could bring.

The stair leading to the Fil-Chinese Friendship Pagoda Hill
The Filipino-Chinese Pagoda built atop the Pagoda Hill in San Fernando City, La Union can offer you a panoramic view of the San Fernando City Bay

It is a public structure that commemorates the friendship of the Filipinos and the Chinese people hence the name, Filipino-Chinese Friendship Pagoda.

Although this place is a love corner, I was just disappointed with the place because it was dirty and the walls of the Pagoda are full of vandalism. It could have been acceptable if the words written were good but it wasn't! The words are just bad while some have no sense at all so meaning the Pagoda is left disgraced.

I understand this is a favorite place for couples especially for hours like this and I just hope they will have a great day every time they are here.

<< LEFT: Can you notice the intimate scene at the back? Hint: Click the photo to magnify. 

So for almost everyday, my accidental tour guide (his story will be coming soon) told me that this is the scene here at the Chinese Pagoda for almost everyday.

The hill is quiet, it is far from the busy city streets and the setting could be close to nature since there are a lot of trees in this hill.

Ok Valentine's Day is very near and for this post, I just want to sing a line from the song of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, in the Chinese Pagoda, "there can be miracles, when you believe." Hehe. Sing that especially when it is going dark here and you will surely see some miracles. LOL.

Have a Happy Love month folks!

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  1. wow ang ganda ha, good palce to take an e session

  2. ^^ What is e-session Air? Hehe. Am I left behind with the colloquial language? hehe.

  3. natawa ako sa intimate scene at the back...ikaw ha! Happy Hearts Day!!!

  4. Indeed a romatic place for lover. I think the pagoda is ideal for marriage proposal. OMG! such a perfect place to propose. Hey! I give an idea where to propose. I hope you'll find the right girl. Have a good one on this Valentine's Day.

  5. @ate Mhe-anne,

    Haha... oo naman talaga ate eh. lol.

  6. @Jenny K'Toole,

    Happy Valentines day. And yep, that is a nice adiae Jen!


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