"For several minutes, the sky is turning into gloomy mode and seemed like the nature can not make a decision on what type of weather it has to paint to the sky of Baguio."

For this condition, I hate when the wind blows because it gets even colder. I feel like my whole body is freezing and my blood vessels are contracted because of the low temperature and my blood can hardly flow to create heat. As I step down out from the bus, what I wanted for this time is a hot coffee and this hot coffee was actually my saving grace.

In fact, before reaching Baguio City, we have to survive the thick fog that is making our way vague making it too dangerous considering I am riding on an ordinary old bus at Sablan, Benguet. I am happy we survived the threatening thick fog.

The weather was really not in a good mode that the sky is gloomy. The surrounding is a bit darker than usual. The sun is not at its brightest and boy, I learned that the temperature was 10.4 degrees Celsius.

I was trembling, not to exaggerate it. I landed at the Bus Terminal where I was wearing a bonnet attached to my sweat-shirt and aside from that, I also have a jacket on the outer layer but hey, the cold just didn't stop penetrating deep into my bones and internal organs.

I can say the weather is unpredictable this time in Baguio that there was a point of this day when I was able to capture the church with the bluish sky at the background and 'twas just a perfect timing.

For several minutes, the sky is turning into gloomy mode and seemed like the nature can not make a decision on what type of weather it has to paint to the sky of Baguio.

In Baguio, I wonder why some girls wear shorts 
while they wear a jacket. Is it hot below the belt? LOL.
Baguio Cathedral, also known as Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral is probably the most photographed structure or iconic building in Baguio City.

Its two spires, the traditional glass windows and the pink-colored exterior makes this cathedral unique from others.

Located adjacent to Session Road, Baguio's main street, and along the Cathedral Loop, this cathedral served as an evacuation center during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during the World Wat II.

The cathedral is standing on a hill and this hill is referred to us "Kampo" by the Ibaloi people of Benguet. The name of this hill was changed to Mt. Mary when a Catholic mission was established by Belgian missionaries.

The construction of cathedral itself was started in 1920, under the leadership of the then-parish priest, Fr. Florimono Carlu. The building was completed by 1936, and consecrated that year, dedicated to Our Lady of Atonement.

So this cathedral is not as old as other churches in the country but the beauty remains and has evolved to be the most iconic building in Baguio City.

It was just a cold day in Baguio and the Baguio Cathedral, rain or shine, still looks beautiful. Now I have proven that whether or not Baguio is cold, the Cathedral remains beautiful and pleasing to the eyes that even at 10.4 degrees Celsius temperature, the beauty is untouched! /end

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  1. nakakainis lang yang mga canopy na yan na nilagay nila sa side. It destroys the aesthetics...

  2. Aww, I want to experience a 10.4-degree celsius temp! It's so hot here in Manila, a cold weather would be a welcome change. :)

    Pero natawa ko sa 'girls on shorts'...hehe!

  3. @Sir Ding,

    Oo nga po, asar lang ako, sana hindi nalang nilagay.

  4. @ThePinayWandere,

    Yes, that's why I miss Baguio every time I feel the heat. It is about 300 pesos bus ride away from our city.

    Girls on shorts? haha. Maraming ganyan sa Baguio. Malamig nga at naka-jacket pero super shorts naman. Wag nalang kayang magjacket kung ganun din. hehe.

  5. Marvin and I been here last April 2006, i was 18 then, we stayed in Tuvera Transient house.. and sad to say hindi na nasundan.. lagi kaming nagpaplano pero di natutuloy, nakakainis pa lahat ng pitures namin na nakalagay sa pc ko ayun na virus kaya we need to reformat it, and reformatting means deleting all installed files.. kasi naman wala pang FB nun at di pa ko blogger LOL..!!

  6. Have you tried eating in OMG? (Oh my gulay resto) and ayuyang bar? ganda dun.. ganda ng ambiance...

  7. @RIki, ayyyy.. sayang naman ang mga pics...
    Hindi ko pa nga na-try eh. Sige punta ako whenever I'll be back! Tnx sa suggestion :)
    Hindi naman kaya mahal dun?

  8. you really have nice travel photos. :)
    the pink church looks really nice. there is just also something about churches that draws me to them.


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