"If you don't have a strong stomach, tasting it would let you vomit. But I must, say, it is all in the mind. It is 'safe' to eat anyway."

WARNING: This post might not be suitable for everyone, this blog and/or the author of this blog has no intention to offend people. The goal of this blog is to discover and share the "deeper" perspective of traveling.

They look shiny with skin that also looks like a snake. With bulging abdomen, these frogs store air in that space so that they can create annoying sounds during the first onset of the rain. They literally pop out like a mushroom during rainy seasons. They are just everywhere but they don't know that the people of Vigan (where I always eat this) loves eating them. Poor amphibians, they will end up in my stomach.

Frog recipe
Don't panic! This amphibian is edible.

Yes! In Vigan, they (we) eat frog. It is a food that a few Ilocanos love to eat. It looks disgusting but believe me, this frog tastes like chicken. The only difference is that chicken has softer meat. Frog meat is a bit harder to chew.

Frog Dish
My friend Gene Rose, another Frog-eater
This frog I am featuring right now is locally known as tokak bat-og. It is actually a kind of frog that loves staying on ponds usually created by rain water.

These amphibians are nocturnal. They come out during the night under the rain. If there is no rain, they usually hide. So harvesting these frogs for food from the ponds requires that there must be an on going rain.

Exotic Ilocano Food
Ok now, the dish that is being cooked is Ginataang Palaka. It is a frog dish added with coconut milk. The coconut milk is being extracted from the grated coconut meat.

Before cooking the frogs, there is a process of course. Like chicken, you have to "dress" it first. Expert Ilocano cooks who prepare this kind of food remove the skin first (but some just keep the skin). So like a dressed chicken, the dressed frog is now ready to be cooked.

Ginataang Palaka
Ginataang Palaka

At first, eating a frog was absolutely a disgusting thing because I am so much preoccupied by how it looks. If you don't have a strong stomach, tasting it would let you vomit. But I must, say, it is all in the mind. It is "safe" to eat anyway.

We might just be disgusted by how it looks, it doesn't look pleasing I know so it turns to be repulsive.

I was actually thinking that the repulsive appearance of these edible frogs is the "defense" that that nature has given them so that their species would not lead to extinction.

Just imagine if this frog looks appetizing given the fact that it tastes really delicious especially when fried, they might lead to extinction due to over-harvesting.

So I understand why God just designed every creature in different forms and that is to somehow regulate and maintain a balance in ecosystem.

For these frogs, I am however happy that not eveyone appreciates it so that frog-eaters like me and for frog-eaters in the future will still enjoy this great food without facing their extinction.

Ok, it took me 15 minutes to eat what was placed on my plate :)



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  1. i love frog! especially tinola a tukak with paria leaves, ot adobo a tukak, and yeah, ginettaan a tukak! i miss it!


  2. Wow! Wen tinola.. ngem siak Fried talaga ti fave ko. haha..

  3. Wrey, haha. parang first time din kumait ng balut no. dapat sa madilim yung hindi mo kita pero masarap. :)

  4. My uncles and grandpop always said it taste like chicken, but every time I think about this creatures especially in biology lab experiment, I'm about to puke. If someone pointed me a gun to eat 100 Chilis over a Frog, Definitely I will choose the chilis. :-)

  5. Haha... it also happens to me. Everytime I think about how it looks, booom! Appetite lost. But I have learned to adapt with it. Now I caneat them :-)

  6. Ew. ew. ew... I cannot eat it looking like that. I'd probably be able to eat it if it's not in its original form. Maybe if it's disguised as something else? LOL. I've had kangaroo meat before but that's because it's already cooked and the meat looks like beef.

  7. I have to agree with ya Nickle that the original form is #repulsive! :)


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