"In every place I am going, every flower I am capturing and every gesture that I make, there was a lens that is following my world."

I was in Baguio to have a summer escapade with my cousin Honey together with her fiancee Totz who also happens to be one of our childhood friends. 

I was so excited because Baguio is very picture-friendly and I was elated to capture the wonders of Baguio.

Without my knowledge there were also persons who were in the same way so excited to capture me in photos in a stolen basis and they were Totz and Honey, my companions themselves. Hehe.

And you know what? I just love their stolen shots! So, thanks to Totz and Honey (a.k.a. Taytoh Yenoh) for this lovely photos.

The moment I entered the Botanical Garden in Baguio, I already have an idea in mind for my blog and that is to feature the flowers of Baguio in full bloom (This article will be coming next).

So using my compact camera ('cause I don't use DSLR), I was capturing every single flower in botanical garden. In every place I am going, every flower I am capturing and every gesture that I make, there was a lens that is following my world. Hehe.

I just continue capturing the flowers of Baguio Botanical Garden while my paparazzi keeps looking after me. Hehe. However as I said, I was surprised with the stolen shots and I love them so much.

See? Who would not want this stolen shots that has turned to be so great! Sometimes stolen shots can be better that shots wherein everyone is posing on their own ways with their personal preference but eventually don't turn to be good in photos. Unlike in stolen shots, if the photo is bad, there's always an excuse because you could just simply reason out, "I was not prepared."

There's  more, as we left Baguio Botanical Garden, there were also shots taken along the stairway going up to the gate lined with beautiful yellow marigolds that makes your walk feels like a grand entrance or an exclusive exit. See the photos to figure out what I mean.

Wait there's more! We also decided not to ride in a jeepney or taxi to roam the city but we preferred to just walk. Anyway, the breeze was cool enough to combat the tiring heat of the sun. On my walking moments, it was also documented.

Lastly, I can't remember what we were doing here with Honey, and I swear, it was really stolen!

Note: Some photos have been deleted here because of problems to the image hosting site.

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