"While having a pony ride, you'll be able to see the life-sized dinosaurs as if you're living in the dinosaur era with friendly monster lizards."

These sinosaurs have been reborn and have found their place in our modern world. In Baluarte, a vast developed land with rolling hills affording the view of the Cordilleras owned by Ilocos Sur Governor (as of this writing)Luis Chavit Singson, these Dinosaurs are very present.

They are here not to frighten the visitors but to attract them. They are life-sized man-made sculpture of dinosaurs that are truly eye-catchy. Baluarte, a zoo and a skeet range, has attracted a lot of visitors. Each visitor can experience seeing strange animals from elsewhere in the world.

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A very vast land in the boundary of the three barangays of Bulala, Salindeg and Tamag, Baluarte has found its place. 

A private land acquired by the said governor, now transformed to a premier tourist attraction in the north, is accessible for free. Gov Chavit, a collector of wild animals has been able to acquire an enormous count prompting him to up a zoo, hence, the Baluarte zoo.

But Baluarte is not just a zoo, it is a place for quality leisure time for the whole family. There are also animal shows daily. You are lucky if you'll be witnessing the tigers and the lions performing in public during your visit. You'll also have the chance to eat here and experience the Vigan delicacies just at the entrance of the park.

If you have noticed the wide grassy green plains in the photo above, you could ride on a pony and roam that area for free. That is how generous and hospitable Gov. Singson is to the visitors. While having a pony ride, you'll be able to see the life-sized dinosaurs as if you're living in the dinosaur era with friendly monster lizards. There is no entrance fee in Baluarte. All you need are your feet to lead you here and your camera for remembrance.

Baluarte and the big dinosaurs are here to entertain and make your leisure time worth it. Imagine that's for free. Now you'll get a chance to see Chavit's submarine, different wild animals, witness animal shows, ride on a pony etc. all for free.

Above is the view of Baluarte as seen from a hilltop in Brgy Tamag.



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