"Makati skyline was so deeply relaxing and you can just enjoy it while eating at skylounge. The experience was more than the usual!"

At the rooftop of a 30+ storey hotel in Makati called the Citadelle Inn, I ate hundreds of meters above sea level. It was a different experience knowing in mind that anytime, you can dine at the top of a skyscraper! The feeling was so soothing because you'll know it won't be an ordinary dining experience and definitely not on the ground floor of a building or in a street-level scene.

This is the food I ate at Skylounge.
I attended a national convention for nurses in Makati held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and I was sponsored by Pampers, the leading diaper brand in the world from Procter and Gamble. So, thanks for Pampers for this very wonderful opportunity they have given me! [Mega Promote ito, hehe :-)]

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I also stayed at Citadelle Inn all for free courtesy of Pampers, all the transpo and the food are in the same way free! I and my colleagues (4 nurses represented Ilocos Region and I was one of them) arrived at the hotel for about 10 pm and the receptionists looked so haggard and full of stress. Maybe because they are already tired as well.

The Skylounge is about to close but they [the receptionists] have urged us to hurry up because by 10 pm, the skylounge will be closing. So even though we were not hungry yet because the long Vigan-Manila journey was pampered by food trip (courtesy of Pampers again), we forced our stomach to empty just to accommodate the food.

So we went at the topmost floor where the elevator has lead us but we were not able to see the effectiveness of the instructions they gave us. We can  not see the skylounge. We felt like we were already at the rooftop and no restaurant was found.

We entered a door and to our big surprise, it was a private room owned by a private person (it was an apartment unit). Being a boy from the province not accustomed with urban living, I was so ignorant. But where is the restaurant?

Suddenly I saw a very narrow space with stairs that seemed like a fire exit and I tried to take that. Again, I can't see any restaurant. After 30 minutes of wandering in that small space, we finally saw Skylounge and it was so hidden!

It feels like an exclusive dinner because there were only few of us with the great ambiance and view by the window.

In fact, you can go out the main restaurant hall and enjoy the not so quite fresh air outside (because we're in the metropolis). LOL! For me it was so scary being an acrophobic to stay in that part. It was nerve trembling for me to stay at that point but i have to combat my fear just to experience dining at the sky!
After the toxic event of looking for this hidden restaurant, we were relaxed to enter the cool room with well-designed tables and interior and a friendly staff. Looking at the window is the skyline of Makati in a night view while eating the delicious food. That was so yummy and it was a big deal for me because there are no grand skylines in my province!

Well, no regret, it was worth the price of risk! Haha.SmileyCentral.com The view was really awesome! Makati is so awesome! The Philippines is so awesome!


Yes! truly, the Philippines can be a very awesome place and I just have seen it at the Skylounge! And to note, Metro Manila Skyline is one of the top 30 best skylines in the world ahead of Sydney, Australia.

At my back is the stunning Makati skyline while dining at the Skylounge Makati.
The night view of the Makati skyline was so deeply relaxing and you can just enjoy it while eating at skylounge. The experience was more than the usual!

To end with, I ate a fried chicken with special syrup. The texture was so gentle and juicy that even though I was full, everything turned out to be a big meal! We were also given a veggie menu with green peas and carrots. It has also sweet corns and I just love the taste as it blends with the sweetness of the sweet corn!



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