"Because disco houses are somewhat "regulated" and limited in this heritage city, people tend to divert their nightlife to something that is enjoyable too. Enjoyable to the stomach primarily."

I can safely say that the night life of Vigan City is not all about the disco lights and party. Partying with food is even more vibrant than partying in bars and disco houses in Vigan. Being a religious city which has become the religious center of the Spanish colonial period, partying in disco bars over night is not so common for "most" of the people in Vigan.

Vigan is a conservative place, generally speaking. Every antique house can be linked to Catholicism brought by the Spaniards. Vigan is also the home for the only surviving Archbishop Palace in the Philippines.

And with these things, everywhere must be a religiosity. I'm not telling that all people in Vigan are religious and conservative, but based on the concrete and common setting of Vigan, including it's colonial past, Vigan must be religious and conservative.

People in Vigan flock in places where there is food at night such as this "ihaw-ihaw" area beside the Vigan Public Market.

Mainly, food offerings at night in Vigan Public Public Market are "ihaw-ihaw."

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But let's talk about food. Yes! It's about food. Places to eat in Vigan mushrooms upon the coming of the dark.

The people are not in the disco bars. They are in the places to eat and buy food.

But right now, I want to feature in this blog this encounter I have made at Vigan Public Market at night.

Mainly, places to eat during the night awake like an owl around Plaza Burgos and at Crisologo Street where the cobblestone street is located, mostly fine dining and street dining.

But now, this one is different because I just discovered a new place. It is not a formal place, it is very casual. The vendors just situate themselves in a row while grilling the bangus, barbecue, longganiza de Vigan, ngiw-ngiw, hotdog, and others but people from all walks of life visit it in a regular basis. It's more like a street food scenario.

I was wondering why people are flocking in this place every night. But when, I bought and tasted those foods, I finally found the answer. Inihaw foods may be so common in the Philippines.

We might not appreciate it because of its very presence everywhere but this place has an attracting magnet. While seeing the people flocking and eating around that area, there is a feeling that you also want to do what they are doing. It feels like you just want to join them.

Well, who would not want to eat in a casual place where everywhere are people who are engaging with food - and eating with friendly strangers.

This is tinuno nga bangus, my favorite food stuff in this spot.
Because disco houses are somewhat "regulated" and limited in this heritage city, people tend to divert their nightlife to something that is enjoyable too. Enjoyable to the stomach primarily.

The feeling is so very soothing eating in an open air under the neon lights and the stars in the sky with friendly strangers and the smell of the food being grilled while waiting.

So next time you got the opportunity to spend your night time in Vigan, I advise, spend quality time because there is a curfew hour in Vigan, for the sake of safety and discipline for this world heritage city.

However, take your time to eat, you might get choked. Hehe...




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