"When most people think Florida, they will immediately think Disney magic and theme park haven."

This is however just the tip of the iceberg of what this state has to offer those who chose to holiday here. A holiday to Florida is no hop across to Europe, and the distance and the amount that there is to do means that most holidaymakers will want to spend more than a few short days here. 

Here you can enjoy the sun, sea and sand of your dreams...

Have a look below at the best of the resorts, then have a look at cheap Florida holidays from Co-operative Travel that might make this trip of a lifetime that bit more affordable.


The home of the beautiful people, Miami delivers all you would expect, with golden sands, high-end shopping precincts and a breath-taking city skyline. Not just a destination for those looking for a touch of chic however, there are also many family attractions such as the zoo and aquarium, as well as the watersports of Florida Bay to be enjoyed.


Away from the mainland, Key West lies in the Florida Straights, and is a small island boasting a wealth of beautiful scenery and it’s a great place to de-stress. Here you can enjoy the sun, sea and sand of your dreams on the beaches, or get in touch with nature by visiting either the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory or the Eco-Discovery Centre.


For families, Orlando is the top choice of resort when visiting Florida. Here you are a stones throw away from Disney, Universal Studios, Seaworld and Wet n’ Wild. If you want to do everything on offer then you will be here a while, so choose carefully the attractions that you and your brood really can’t miss.

Florida will always be one of the top holiday destinations in America, and for good reason! There are many fabulous resorts here for families, couples, friends and all other types of people, and with such great deals no one need miss out! /end

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Map Showing the Location of Florida

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