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"Barcelona is a fantastic city and, as such, it is one of the top holiday destinations in Spain."

Particularly popular with couples and groups looking for a city break, there are many things to be discovered in Barcelona as it has a wonderfully rich culture and many great and varied things to do. Stay in one of the best Barcelona hotels by booking your break online today (http://www.hotels4u.com/area/barcelona-hotels.aspx).

One of the cozy hotels in Barcelona

The best way to discover Barcelona is to immerse yourself in all the aspects of the city and its people. Take time to discover local places to eat and drink that are off the beaten track, find live music to enjoy, and most of all learn as much as you can about the history and culture of the city. A few of the important museums to visit are below.


This museum is formed of 5 medieval palaces, merged to house the largest collection of Pablo Picasso’s work in existence. Picasso loved Barcelona and it is only fitting that 3500 of his creations are housed here.


A grand and vast museum, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya contains artwork from across the ages including Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic works. Most famous however, is the museum’s Romanesque art pieces which they have preserved and put on display. Within sight of this wonderful building is the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, another must see attraction in Barcelona.


Contemporary and modern art enthusiasts will love the collections on display here. The building itself was designed by American architect, Richard Meier and is a sight to behold. Inside you will find temporary and permanent exhibitions as well as activities to take part in.

The best way to travel is to get to know the places you visit. Visiting its museums and galleries is a great step towards understanding what makes Barcelona tick and there are often deals on tickets for multiple museums. Book your holiday now and be sure to pop a few galleries on your itinerary. /end

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