"It was freedom! I breathed the last set of fresh air from the ocean this year. I left my last footprints on the sand."

Witnessing this natural event comes only once in a lifetime. The fact that the year 2013 shall never be back in the future, the last sunset of 2013 is something as momentous as the appearance of Halley's Comet. It comes in a flash, and never coming back, evermore.

My last beach tan in 2013

So I grabbed my motorbike and drove my way to the nearest beach after I finished my job that day as an employee of humanity. Time has come so fast. It's like a bubble that bursts to infinity. The year 2013 is going to be buried, inevitably, to the pit of forevermore.

As I reach the beach which is very familiar to me, childhood memories flashed back. Here is where I learned to love the coast, the blue waters, and to exaggerate my already dark skin by getting an additional tan. It's really fast. I'm now 25.


This is the last sunset of 2013 and my spirit was lead to be in this place to reflect the goodness of the Lord for the year that is going to be extinguished, also for the great things and achievements that tapped my shoulders.

Mindor Beach, Vigan.

Laid back beach on the last day of 2013

The place is just close to perfection for the setting my heart is longing for: quiet, peaceful and infinite.

There, the last earthly physical light made the ocean to sparkle; but the golden hour is strongly present, turning the sky to flashes of golden brightness hovering over the horizon. Ahhh! This is the last sunset of the year. This is it. Cheers for the good life. Cheers!


I have spent this year traveling to places which I consider as my childhood dream girl, those times when I treat inanimate objects as subject for love, I was weird right? -- this is the mountain, the highland, the interior or whatever you call that. I love mountain more than the beach actually. But this time, I went to a beach that is special in my heart to spend my last bum. 

Bummed, for the last few hours of the year

No crowd, I was confident enough to capture enormous selfies. It was freedom! I watched the last set of waves that hopelessly grabbing the dark-sand coast. I breathed the last set of fresh air from the ocean this year. I left my last footprints on the sand. I swam in great joy as  I was cuddled by the waves. Life was great!


2013 is undeniably a blessing and a challenge for me. I underwent through the crisis of the quarter-life. I came up with a new definition of success. I was in fact in a deep trouble but came to realize that all we wanted in life is happiness and contentment, right?

Photo Slider: Last set of 2013 selfies (Hover to unlock captions.)

Mindoro Beach, Vigan CityMindoro Beach, Vigan CityMindoro Beach, Vigan CityMindoro Beach, Vigan CityMindoro Beach, Vigan CityMindoro Beach, Vigan City
I realized that money should not and must not control us. I have to say I don't have a high-paying job to support the lust I carry in wandering to places. I figured out that sometimes, money is already ruling my life. I work on a daily basis for a mixture of crappy and fulfilling things in exchange of money, and I don't like the crappy part where in you are doing it because of money.


For 2013, I learned to teach myself the art of gratitude and contentment. I realized that my discontentment in life is what leading me to work-to-death for money's sake. Yeah, I MUST control money, and I won't let money control me. So do you think that's easy? Of course not. We need to be emotionally and mentally prepared.

Right now I am into the process of devaluing money and material things. It should not consume my life in exchange of doing things that don't make me happy and fulfilled. Yes, I still need money and material things (of course everyone does), but my focus is to stick with the little things in life that makes us a happy, contented, and ever-productive individual.

Lessons of the last sunset

For a happy life, I should be contended with what I have and spend within my means. Buy what I can afford and never force myself to bleed and get lost in a disastrous job for the latest gadget of Apple that is only temporary and can never be brought after death. Leaving a legacy, that is. Don't invest in material things that are not substantial for growth and maturity. I want to do something that will make me remembered even after death. Legacy, that is. It is forever. It  is eternal. An infinite inspiration that money can't buy, for the glory of God. (end)

Vigan #TownExplorations Series

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Witnessing 2013's First Sunset in Perspective

TEASER: "...that beauty may fade but the memories will stay."

Ligao City | Lovely Sunset Over Mt. Masaraga

TEASER: "The clouds were trying to veil the sunset but their capability was just limited to conceal the glorious beauty of the orange sky."

Sulvec Bay, Narvacan | Sunset Over Paraiso ni Juan and the Memoirs

TEASER: "This sunset I am seeing brings back good memories of dreams and how the simple dreams were fulfilled. Owning a digital camera to capture the sunset was just a fantasy when I was still a student but became a reality later on. This sunset is making me remember that dream."

Magnificent Sunset Over a Remote Barrio Called Gusing

TEASER: "Unspoiled, sincere, peaceful, surprising - this is the sunset over a remote barrio that is not usually experienced to sunsets seen in crowded beaches and touristy islands."

Pagoda Hill in San Fernando, La Union: Everyday is Valentine's Day

TEASER: "It is a no question why the couple I am seeing is faced before the sky because I have personally seen how romantic the sky that time is."

La Union | San Fernando Bay's Enlightening Sunset

TEASER: "For the things I am seeing right this time, my veneration to my God goes stronger being amazed by this wondrous work-of-art that only a Man in Power with supernatural capability can make."

Ligao City | Smoking Mt. Mayon During Sunset and Twilight

TEASER: "The scenery was very unusual seeing a very majestic volcano standing so high in her own splendid making the surrounding communities nearby to live with awe and pride!"

Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur | It's Totally Wholesome at Suso Beach

TEASER: "...there's nothing malicious at Suso Beach. It is totally wholesome and it's free!"



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