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Sometimes it can feel like the UK has just one season: winter. So if you're fed up of feeling cold, scraping ice off your windscreen or trudging through yet another snowfall, don't despair - you don't have to wait until the summer to escape to sunnier climes. 

There are more than a few glorious year-round destinations that can offer a bit of sunshine and warmth even during our winter, and it doesn't require a trip to the other side of the world. The Canary Islands are a prime year-round holiday hotspot. As holidays go, this sun-baked archipelago is packed with fantastic experiences for all ages and for holidaymakers from all walks of life.

In Tenerife, you'll find buzzing resorts in the south for lively days and non-stop nightlife. It's typically at its busiest in the summer months, but come winter, Tenerife's famous clubbing central takes the volume down a few notches and becomes a much quieter resort with a smattering of nightlife options.

Further north, Tenerife holidays become much more focused on scenery and stunning natural landscapes. Here you'll find dramatic coastlines, tiny fishing villages clustered around lovely little harbours, and the buzz and bustle of the island's capital, Santa Cruz.

Lanzarote, another Canary Island, also makes a great winter escape. On those days when it's just a tad nippy for the beach, you can head off on any one of stacks of different excursions and day trips, taking in the sights and experiences of this magnificent volcanic island. Discover the sprawling Timanfaya National Park, enjoy the island's gorgeous old town and forts of Arrecife, or head off to explore one of local visionary Cesar Manrique's famous creations.

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