"The heart and soul were poured to those costumes. Passion was indeed evident."

Vigan, the city I have always loved, my dearest hometown and where my dreams and my whole being is shaped, is evolving so fast. The nostalgia flows through my veins so swiftly, almost instant. Change is inevitable and I have to absorb and accept that fact that it is the only permanent thing in this world where we live. To note, "there's nothing permanent in this world except change."

World Costume Festival
And then the World Costume Festival came. So it is another festival; an addition to Vigan's existing festivals.

The small city turned so colorful. It was filled with arts and creativity. Genius minds in the field of costume designing from different parts of the world found their home in Vigan.

The first person wearing a costume that I was able to witness face to face came out. He (a gay) was wearing a red costume that made her look stunning before my eyes. This is it, the festival is really happening, another one.

World Costume Festival 2013

World Costume Festival 2013
Another one in red came close to where I was standing. Then many more followed. Everyone was just fantastic. The heart and soul were poured to those costumes. Passion was indeed evident.

As the different delegates from different parts of the world came out, I can't believe what I am seeing -- that my hometown is now the venue of international events like this. It changed a lot within a small span of time.

The Calle Crisologo metamorphosed. Each street corner was decorated with arches so lovely and beautiful. It was not just the quiet Calle Crisologo I have known. It improves with tendencies to over-improve. It glows beautifully with tendencies to be overdone. It charms the people with tendencies to become an eyesore. There was a thin margin between attaining the optimum and what is maximum, and the maximum could be a threat.

Anyways, there's no issue here. I am just so glad that some eyes of the world have been turned to Vigan. So far, nothing was overdone. It was within the optimum limits.

World Costume Festival 2013
Smiles were everywhere. It opens the joy corner of my soul, expands a bit, then when I can not contain it, it bursts out to my lips. Smile could turn to laughter at times.

I am guilty for not being able to take plenty of photos of the costumes. However, they retain to my memories and I can access it with or without the internet.

Another Vigan event to be proud of. About 2 dozens of international contingents have to fly to this little heritage city to join the celebration. Also, most major festival dancers in the Philippines came to Vigan to join the parade and showcase to the world that Philippine costumes can kick ass.

With the Japanese delegates and Enrico Dee of Byahilo.com

Above: Photo grabbed from Enrico Dee (without his permission, lols!)

Forgive me, I was not able to take photos of the costumes from other countries. Indonesia actually received the most prestigious award in this festival. Never mind the meager photos, as for me, the experience is already more than enough. [end]

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  1. Vigan still my dream destination. Whew! pag iponan ko talaga itong vigan ba.:-). Kumusta na my mentor?

  2. Bonzenti |Con Tour Blog | Kuya Bonz how are you din po! Medyo busy-busyhan ako ngayon. 'Di masyado nakakablog-hop, hehe. I-kasa na ang Vigan, kita-kitz ;)

  3. This is the first time I heard about this festival? After reading your blog about World Costume Festival, I found it exciting! :)

  4. JhaypeeG. | You should try attending once :)


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