"It was just like a love story in movies and television drama series. That story makes Vigan so romantic not just per ambiance but its history as well."

Vigan is a city saved from the damages of war because of a romantic love story between a Japanese and a Bigueรฑa (term for a Vigan woman). A Japanese military commander fell in love to a Bigueรฑa and because that Japanese commander didn't want his loved one left struggling and experiencing a bad life because of the damages of a war, he betrayed the Japanese command for the sake of love. Romantic isn't it? That's why the old houses of Vigan are standing still and it was saved a romance.

Calle Crisologo is Vigan's famed street because of its old charm and romantic scene even after midnight that blend with drama of the neon lamps attached at the old houses.
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The Vigan history tells that bombs and other explosive materials are already prepared at Plaza Burgos and the Japanese officers are just waiting for the signal of the commander to ignite it with fire to devastate the city but the commander chose to just leave the city quietly for the very last minute.

Awwww! It was just like a love story in movies and television drama series. That story makes Vigan so romantic not just per ambiance but its history as well.

Visiting Calle Crisologo at night, I tend to have goosebumps, not because of ghosts from the old houses which are considered to be fictional but because of the romance clinging at the back of my mind.

Yes, of course, the beauty of the place is always exceptional and I think it is safe to say that it is one of the most romantic places in the Philippines during the night and I can be brave to claim that it is the most romantic city during midnight in the Philippines.

The street from 10 pm onwards becomes very quiet and peaceful. The lights along the street resembles a lamp shade that are attached to the walls of the old houses.

The romance of the old street lined with century-old ancestral houses is truly soul penetrating. I can always feel the Japanese-Bigueรฑa love story everytime I visit this part of Vigan during the night

All the shops that line the daylight-busy street are all closed. The street is clear and there are no significant obstructions. You'll be able to see the beauty of the street clearly.

When the midnight comes, the place is almost silent and the only nocturnal sounds you can hear are the sounds created by insects. Sometimes you may hear the sound of house lizards we call in Ilocano as saltek. Sometimes there are also sounds from occasional vehicles that take the nearby road that turn to be an annoying noise amidst the silence of the night.

There is peace and serenity. As I look up the clear midnight sky, I can see the harmony of the stars that look like singing a love song for me.

I was hear alone and my purpose why I went here during midnight was not to have a midnight date with a girl but to re-examine and scrutinize what I can see, feel and perceive in this place with that time.

However, as I also look to the moon, it seems like it is igniting a romantic light that will enlighten every lover under it. I closed my eyes and I can feel the dew to the skin and the gradually cooling air. I must accept that I am just feeling so in love thinking about my girl. 

Oh no, I just turned this way and I just want to blame it with the romantic setting of Vigan's Calle Crisologo together with the stars and the moon who became accomplices in bringing out the love affair within me.

I looked at my clock and it is already passing the midnight time but I can still feel the romance it brings. I am falling in love again although I tend to become in love 3X a day, this is the 4th time for this day, lol!

The moment I left this place after midnight, I remember the love story that saved the city from total destruction and huh, it just inspires me a lot. It was just such a great love!

The romantic ambiance of the place is truly very alive in spite of the silence.

There is peace, love, joy and harmony as I look to the old houses while thinking about the romantic history of the city.

I have no idea how the Japanes-Bigueรฑa love story ended up since there were no facebook, email and cellular phones those days. However, I am sure wherever these two people now, they might be smiling how their love story helped this city to grow and survive.

The bonus here is that, the city was also discovered to be a premiere tourist destination because their love story also saved the old houses that are standing until now.

Well, the old houses are the witnesses of this love story if only they can speak. Like the Japanese commander did, I also left the place peacefully and untouched, hehe.  

However, seriously, I also want that my love story will also create a vibrant city that will be included in their history in the future and would also jump in joyful tears if my love story will also save a city nearing it's downfall.

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