"It was such an unexplainable feeling joining a public dinner of thousand people wherein everybody is a stranger..."

The city government of Legazpi prepared a great and a hospitable welcome for the thousand of engineers in the Philippines who joined the annual national convention for civil engineers. I am not an engineer and I am not supposed to be here but I was with the Ilocos delegation. Well, this convention doesn't fit my profession. But for the sake of traveling, I hitched with them wherein 99 percent of the delegation are strangers and I don't know them I just traveled with them.

The huge shopping center became a dinner destination for a night where thousand of people joined. At the photo is the Ilocos delegation I was with.
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As a grand welcome for us, "we" were given a huge dinner at the Embarcadero de Legazpi, a shopping center born out from the sea because the soil where it is standing was reclaimed.

I was eating with civil engineers and everybody talks about their own field of expertise. As of me, I just stopped talking being unable to relate with what they were talking about.

I deal with blood, flesh, internal organs, etc (although I am not a vampire) and everyone deals with concretes and buildings on which it is very intimidating to hear knowing that I do not know what they are talking about.

As I said, I was here for the sake of traveling and now I am in the middle of the civil engineering community that I have to deal with just to be able to continue a hitch ride.

It was my second night mingling with civil engineers all around the Philippines and gladly through this dinner party at the Embarcadero, I gained many friends.

It was such an unexplainable feeling joining a public dinner wherein everybody is a stranger except for one (my cousin who is an engineer).

I was at the land of siling labuyo so I was expecting a mouth-challenging spicy Bicol express and my expectation did not dismay me - there you have a lot of them!

This dinner activity showed me how industrious and persevered the city government of Legazpi is in promoting tourism in their city and they actually bid to host this national convention.

And to think of it, they fed us all for free. Aside from the dinner the city government of Legazpi gave us, they also entertained us with cultural presentations and a very funny comedy band.

Congratulations to the city government of Legazpi for a job well done. Although I wasn't a engineer, I was benefited still, somehow.

I enjoyed the show, the dinner and the experience of dining with total strangers.

I never felt so alone because of the warm welcome, I felt like I was already a part of the huge community of civil engineers and a family as one :-)

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