"How I love the experience of getting familiar to a place while riding at the back of a pick-up. I was able to see the left and the right side of the road and smile at the driver of the vehicle coming next to us."

It was my first time to visit this destination and I slept at the house of  a person who in the same way, my first time to meet. Luckily the wife of that person is my friend's cousin and I was with my friend traveling this time. 

The charming countryside appeal of San Manuel, Pangasinan as seen
while I am riding at the back of a pick-up
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The house owner was so accommodating that he toured me in San Manuel, Pangasinan using his pick-up - where I stayed at the back in an open air and the speed of the vehicle seemed like separating my head from my neck because of the force. I am grasping all the forceful wind created by the acceleration of the vehicle as I am sitting in an open air to an open highway at the back of the vehicle.

The experience was again very memorable. I was doing a hop into a town and of course my camera needed to be very ready all the way to every site that I will see while riding at the back with a friend.

San Manuel, Pangasinan is also the home of a large power-generator that supplies current to most of Northern Luzon so expect power-lines everywhere. The power-lines cross the wide farms of the town.

San Manuel, Pangasinan is an agricultural town and expect to see huge, wide and never ending rice fields. The owner of the house where I stayed also owns a huge parcel of land that could be the area of a sitio.

In fact, I am brave to say that there are no attractive spots in the town but  that should not stop me in discovering the less seen spots of less traveled destinations.

It was a golden harvest when I visited the town. The rice fields have turned to golden brown ready to be harvested while some parcel of lands have been harvested already.

I just love the appeal of the view - the farmlands and mountains blend to allure my feelings being a fan of the countrysides.

What was so nice riding at the back of a pick-up or any vehicle in an open air is the feeling of absolute freedom. You don't have to peep at the window or do a stop over to go out the car just to enjoy the views of the place on which it is your first time to see.

I have to be camera-alert this time to capture the view but the expectation I was thinking that it was easy to capture photos was actually wrong. The speedy pick-up was just taking the not so well-paved road and of course it was too fast that it was hard to capture the best angle. Once you have already set the right angle, the vehicle is rushing to get away from the site so it wasn't easy. However, I just love the challenge of it. I was enjoying a lot!

I also had no idea where the "kuya" (the owner of the house and pick-up) was leading me until we turned to a narrow road leading to a resort.

Oh well, I learned that the family of "kuya" owned the resort and it is called the A&E spring resort located in a place called Butao, also in San Manuel, Pangasinan.

I was given the chance to swim for free but I had no other clothes and underwear since I just came here in an accident. Without any plans, I am already here. I just didn't hesitate nor say "no" the time my friend invited me although I know I have no clothes to wear, no bathroom kit and so on.

The resort was newly-opened that time and I was glad I was among the firsts to visit A&E Spring resort in Butao.

It was fun! How I love the experience of getting familiar to a place while riding at the back of a pick-up. I was able to see the left and the right side of the road and smile at the driver of the vehicle coming next to us. Yes I know, the town wasn't as attractive as other tourist destinations but I think the best thing about discovering the less known path is the experience that can not be compared to traveling into more famous destination.

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