"Currimao is not a single beach. It is actually a town with collection of beautiful beaches and the beach featured in this article is just a "usual" beach in Currimao, Ilocos Norte - yet already excellent."

The day was very beautiful and with a friend and a photo buddy, we had a road trip up north. The South China Sea (now West Philippine Sea) is actually a golden blessing to the coastal areas of Western Luzon coast because of the long stretch of beautiful beaches from rocky, coral, black-sand, golden-sand to white-sand beaches.

Bright-colored blooming flowers add value to summer in this white Currimao beach
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It was a day where Charice Pempengco is at the peak of her popularity as a new singing sensation and with the song "Pyramid" playing at my friend's sound set inside the car, we were traversing the scenic highway up north.

Along the highway, we just can't keep ourselves to stay on the road because of the very beautiful coastal scene we are seeing this very moment. We really had to make a stop over and enjoy the view - the creations of God! Being a Filipino living in the Philippines which is an archipelago blessed with beautiful and priceless beaches, my standards are high to rate a beach.

Currimao is not a single beach. It is actually a town with collection of beautiful beaches and the beach featured in this article is just a "usual" beach in Currimao, Ilocos Norte.

In fact, this beach is just along the road leading to a classy resort called Playa Tropical which means, expect a better experience to the "better" beaches in Currimao. I reiterate, this beach is just the "usual" beach and it doesn't attract resorts and visitors yet. However, already beautiful.

Aside from the charming beauty of this beach, I was also got interested with the beach vegetations from flattering flowering plants to creepy flowering beach vines.

At the shoreline and at the shallow parts, there are coral formations and I was just very thankful to God that He has blessed the Philippines with beautiful beaches and some of those was accepted by the town of Currimao.

The beach I was able to see that time is situated in a cove. The waters are calm and peaceful. There are little waves yet the air moves to cool-up the summer heat.

In fact at the shoreline, there are no resorts and hotels but personalized cottages owned by the residents that live near the beach.

Self-captured photo: My camera hates my face, hehe.
Ok, we were on our way to a classy resort called Playa Tropical and the road going to the resort was just extraordinary.

At the resort, you'll be able to see more stunning coastline from the infinity pool with wider beach.

Well, just another Philippine beach experience with memorable and special things to tell.

Currimao, Ilocos Norte never disappointed me and the road trip up north was just worth while.

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