"The afternoon delight starts in this beach. Party goers can just sit back and relax, or simply, dip your feet to the gentle cool waters of the beach!"

Puerto Beach is a hidden asset of the town of Santo Domingo in Ilocos Sur province, Philippines. This is a secret haven for me and the sunset vista at the South China Sea reveals the magnificent creations of God!

Puerto Beach

Central Sunset

Puerto Beach has been one of the best places for hanging out and party in Sto Domingo town situated at the western coast of the Luzon Island. It's spectacular sunset is really inviting.


The calm waters and the spectacular sunset of Puerto Beach is a perfect blend for travelers and hang-outers!


Setting Sun


Bamboo Cottages

Last na 'to promise :p

How to go to Puerto Beach? with travel tips

BY LAND: For commuters

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1. Make Vigan City as your base. If you are from Manila, you can reach Puerto Beach by land. I suggest the following bus companies: Partas, Dominion, Aniceto and Viron. All this three are Vigan-based bus companies.

So from those bus lines which are located at Cubao [the long array of bus terminals there] except for Aniceto which is based in Sampaloc, Manila, take an 8-hour drive. It might be a long drive but many travel reviews have been saying that the long drive is "worth it" because of the beautiful sceneries you will see as you enter Ilocos Sur province. For all tourists coming from Visayas and Mindanao, make Manila as your base then as I said, go to Cubao Bus Terminal and look for those bus liners. The cheapest of them is Aniceto Bus but it is based in Sampaloc. The range for fare is from 500-700 depending on the bus class. But definitely, Aniceto is way cheaper. Upon reaching Vigan, look first for a place to stay and have a rest to plan what time of the day you're going to utilize.

2. After reaching Vigan, the best option is go to the Vigan City Bus and Jeepney Terminal. After reaching this Bus terminal, ask any person there what bus is bound up north. If you see the bus, you may now go in but please wait for the bus to go because there is a certain time a bus will wait for more passengers, unless, you were able to go there at the moment the time is done, you will no longer wait.

3. After being able to see the next bus going up north, tell the bus conductor to unload you at Sto Domingo Public Market. That's about 15 minutes.  From Sto. Domingo Public Market, ride in a trike and tell the driver to lead you to Puerto Beach for about another 15 minutes. Regarding the fare, negotiate first because some may overcharge. 40-60 pesos is a good bid.

4. Trikes that will lead you back to Sto. Domingo Public Market [which is along the National Highway] from the beach are not always present. If you plan to stay overnight, it is important to get the contact number of the trike you have just ride on to fetch you back to the National Highway or you can just hire another trike parked near the beach if available. Just negotiate with the driver regarding the fare for that night trip. Please leave the beach on or before 7 by reason of transportation availability unless if you have your own service vehicles, staying overnight can be feasible.

5. After the driver has lead you back to the National highway in Sto Domingo, wait for buses to pass bound for Manila or Cubao. All this bus companies will pass through Vigan. But for your convenience, especially if you're hotel is in Vigan, take a Partas Bus because this bus will have a stop-over with their terminal inside the city proper of Vigan.
The rest of the buses will just pass through the national highway in the town of Bantay which is a town before entering Vigan city proper. However, you may take another trike from Bantay to your hotel in Vigan as your base. 250 pesos is already enough for your fare per head round trip for Vigan-Puerto Beach route. I think it can even be cheaper.

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