"Because of oldness, the walls are mossy. The old wall has become a very fertile place for algae and other aerial plants to thrive."

The small town of Santa Maria in the province of Ilocos Sur, Philippines might be small but it has big asset. An asset that the world recognizes to be very valuable in shaping the culture and face of the international community. This asset is the Nuestra Seniora de Asuncion Church built atop a hill in several stairs leading to the classical and historical landmark. No wonder, this church has been listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

80+ steps going to the old structure

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You just can't help but be amazed by the glorious architectural design of this church that dates back centuries ago. 

The facade is made out of bricks joined together to create an amazing architectural feat. Personally, I am not a Roman Catholic and I don't go to churches like this during Sundays but I am blogging this church because of the cultural importance it has made in shaping our society. 

I mean, this church is a pride in terms of its architectural grandeur and the story behind its making. So, whether or not I am a Roman Catholic, I am still amazed by this church, I mean, the beauty of this structure/landmark. It is just about the design for me, not an exchange of my faith.

Anyway, enough for that...

Left: The Old Convent | Right: The Old Church

The belfry

The #TownExplorer

The side of the church looks like this, it is made up of thick bricks wall in a coordinated fashion making several meters of stretch to the top of the hill. Because of oldness, the walls are mossy. The old wall has become a very fertile place for algae and other aerial plants to thrive.

Old Mossy Wall

Old Wall


Some of the plants planted beside this church are aba and camia [above]. Right at the base of the church walls are garden plants.

Santa Maria Church also has charming belltower. I think some pictures above can speak well regarding its charm. No need to explain further.

Now let's visit what's inside the church!



There you are. Once again, I am not telling non-Roman Catholic friends out there to worship this figure. But I just appreciate this figure, and the the "person" who made this figure, he should have made it in the sculpture hall of fame I bet so. This sculpture is situated visibly at the church/landmarks' entrance adding a classical outlook.

Church Interior

Church Ceiling

Here are my two friends. Edison, a physician and Rein, a nurse, taken at the side of the church.

Physician and Nurse, they can first aid themselves during travel :)

Just before the stair going to the church, you won't get lost because a marker is here to help you.

Sta. Maria Church Marker

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