"It actually has low-rise mountains and hills placed with narrow network of roads to tone you leg muscles while biking."

The town of San Juan is well-known for its Buri, and its beaches are also gaining fame along the coastline of the pristine Lapog Bay. However, there is a hidden paradise people will still have to know regarding the town of San Juan - its mountains. Mountains may be so common in Ilocos Sur but San Juan has been proving that its upland area is a place for party, fun and excitement compared to others. Its upland areas cover several hectares of reforestation projects suitable for biking enthusiasts offering you roads which goes up and down. I am not saying that San Juan is an extremely mountainous town.

Biking or Riding

Sitio Tapao, Camanggaan, San Juan, Ilocos Sur

It actually has low-rise mountains and hills placed with narrow network of roads to tone you leg muscles while biking. The bonus here is that, you will be able to experience the cool mountain breeze and the lush green hills and mountains of San Juan together with some hectares of reforestation projects.

Road going to Tapao Mountain Resort

Hideous Watermark, lol!

Road to Barbar

There you have it. Sorry guys but if you don't mind, the two photos above are  two of my earliest photos when I was still starting to love photography. I was still learning photography then.

Nurses on the go!

Maps by Wikipedia
Location Highlighted in Red
Even now, still learning. I'm not so good at all, just an amateur shots. I didn't have any camera before. 

I used to borrow my friend's camera just to pursue a goal. I still had hideous and disgusting icon back then. Haha. Photos taken about 5 years ago. 

If I had a camera before, I may have collected more photos and shared to you more places and experiences. Sadly, some beautiful experiences and memorable adventures I have been through weren't captured into photos. 

And maybe, if I had a camera before, I may have been blogging for a long time. I used to blog before but it was so dissatisfying knowing that most readers don't appreciate the article without photos to illustrate the place.

Tapao Mountain Resort Snapshots

The group, one is dry :p

My girl friends

Nurse Joanna

The Team

Stop Over


San Juan is a town north of Vigan about 30 minutes by land.



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