"From low-key backpacking adventures, to five-star spa resorts, the islands of the South Pacific cater to all types of travelers."

Guam is just over 3 hours away from Manila, so if you ever fancy branching out from Pinoy territory, accessing this 7,500-strong archipelago is easier than you may think. There’s a lot to choose from, but here are three islands to get your inspiration going…

Image Credit: Rocky Beach by JakubMichankow, used via creative commons

Fiji: The word ‘paradise’ is often used to describe overseas island holidays, yet when it comes to Fiji, no word better describes the magnificence of this serene nation. The backdrop for iconic films like Cast Away and Blue Lagoon, as well as plenty of luxury all inclusive holidays, this gem of the South Pacific is cinematic in its beauty.

Before you head to the luxury resorts and white sand beaches of Fiji’s outer islands, spend some time experiencing local life on VitiLevu. The country’s largest island - often thought of as ‘the mainland’ - VitiLevu is Fiji’s political and industrial hub. Exploring Suva, the largest city in the South Pacific, will give you a brilliant insight into how most Fijians live.

Of course, Fiji holidays are best spent on the beach, toes in the sand, tropical cocktail in hand. Hop across to the Mamanucas, the country’s most scenic island group, to reap the benefits of Fiji’s world class tourism industry. Prepare to be pampered like never before.

Guam: While some may dismiss this U.S. territory as lacking an authentic island culture, there’s far more to Guam than the overdeveloped tourist hub, Tumon Bay. In fact, it’s Guam’s unique political history and mixed cultural influence that makes it such a fascinating destination.

Exploring the island’s smaller villages and pristine natural landscapes will help paint you a picture of the ‘real’ Guam. Get a taste of Chamorro culture in the village of Inarajan, explore the uninhabited beauty of Cocos Island and relax on the black sand beaches of Talofofo.

Tonga: For those wanting to truly step off the typical tourist path, the lush forests, hidden inlets and isolated beaches of Tonga are perfect. Laid-back and friendly, Tonga is a beach-loving backpacker’s dream.

Tonga’s Ha'apai island group contains some of its most idyllic and tourist-free destinations. Colourful reefs and clear blue waters make Ha’apai beaches some of the world’s best dive and snorkelling spots. Also brilliant for water sports - including sea kayaking, surfing and fishing - is the Vava’u Group, situated just north of Ha’apai.

So while the South Pacific is home to countless holiday destinations, Fiji, Guam and Tonga represent three of the best. Whether you chose to pamper yourself in Fiji, explore Guam's cultural melting-pot or seek adventure in the Tongan wilderness, this brilliant corner of the world is only a flight or a boat ride away.

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