"They were beautifully and colorfully painted and everyone has its shining moment"

They deserve a break I think. We (non-farmers) usually think of them as slaves in the field. But for the farmers, these carabaos are their heart and soul, a best friend that could be considered or even a family member to note. I have once witnessed a carabao painting and parade in Vigan via the annually celebrated Karbo Festival and it was absolutely a no-time-wasted event seeing those carabaos. I never thought that there is an art festival like this for another city up north the Philippines and I accidentally discovered it in Batac City in the province of Ilocos Norte.

Farmers festival batac

This event is still a part of festivity called the Farmer's Festival where the farmers of the city of Batac become the superstars of the day.

One of the busiest streets of Batac called Washington Street was closed to give way for the very special crowd-aggregator -- the carabaos. They are the main reason why the people of the city and of nearby towns gathered in big number.

They were beautifully and colorfully painted and everyone has its shining moment. All eyes to them, with cheers from the crowd, sight focused to them as they take the emptied street especially prepared for them.

Some animal rights activists and private individuals regard this form of art as violative to the animal rights and to balance things, I am now telling beforehand that this post was not made to promote this kind of art. I am just sharing it the way it was celebrated in Batac and majority of the people enjoyed it.

The Philippines is indeed a country where almost everything is "more fun." In Batac City, they have celebrated this event with full of fun!

So what is your stand about art festivals like this? Does it jeopardize animal rights?

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  1. As long the carabaos were not harmed during the painting and on actual event, I think it's fine. Besides araw din naman nila ito kasama ng kanilang bossing.

  2. @bound for two, oo nga eh, personlly this is fine. Their work at the field is even worse nga eh.

  3. Taray parang may version ang mga carabaos ng sinulog or masskara festival hahaha . Gusto ko mapuntahan to balang araw promise...

  4. @juanderfulpinoy, punta na soon! You'll emjoy for sure :)

  5. Hahaha ayos bro! Pinatados na Kalabaw jejeje bro I am planning to visit Ilocos soon! will pm you baka available ka:)

  6. wow your site changed a lot. kudos uya edmar and good luck to you mr. town explorer <3


  7. @Wrey, yes, I'll see that post :)
    That would be interesting :)


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