"Pasagad dressing, is another form of art where a thing called Pasagad is being transformed into a wonderful piece."

What is pasagad? Pasagad is that thing that these carabaos usually pull at the field sometimes used to carry farm products. 

Ok, this time these so-called pasagad/s are not dirty because they serve as an attraction that coincide with another art festival called the Karbo Festival wherein Carabaos become living canvasses under one mother festival called Viva Vigan Festival of the Arts. It branched out to several sub-festivals so don't get confused.

Carabao Painting
This is not yet the pasagad just so you know :p It is still the carabao because I want a pleasing opening photo, if ever this one really looks pleasing :p

It happened in the middle of a historic street called Nueva Segovia. Along this street is a line of massive ancestral house-palace (turned to a college, then shopping center, irkkk), the Plaza Salcedo (the oldest of its kind north of Manila), the Arzobizpado Nueva Segovia, the only surviving 18th century archbishop palace in the Philippines, the Legion of Mary House (where some religious people stay) and a portion of the Vigan Cathedral.

Just a warning, I am running out of words to say and this post will be overdone with photos.

Pasagad Dressing
Now that's the pasagad. In case you don't know :p
Pasagad Dressing in Vigan
Look how cool lolo and lola are! Kagat dila si Lolo!
Karbo Festival Vigan
At may Plate number pa! Ayus!
Karbo Festival in Vigan
I forgot to say I'm against same-sex marriage :p
Riding on a "pulled" pasagad before the public.
And once again it is a pasagad parade, not a float parade :p
The shy-type Carabao. Hey! You're a star now!
Proud Farmer. Kudos Manong!

Pedicure: More Fun in the Philippines
A crowd of Carabaos. But some of them are not real carabaos, lol.
Then, there you have it! Just in case you want more photos aside from these photos here, visit my complete set for this event by clicking here and not there :p

Now, if overdoing a travel blog with non-professional casual blogger-type photos like this is a crime, then put me now to JAIL! But please before doing that don't forget to share and like this post to your networks to spread this blogging crime :)
This is the Part 1 of my VIVA Vigan Arts Series

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So what's next? Let's see the Parade of these colorful carabaos with their colorful pasagad. And look whose capturing below. Yes that's the fellow travel blogger EAZY Traveler who loves these carabaos that much.

This un-watermarked photo below serves as a teaser for the next post as the carabaos pass in front the majestic and historical Vigan Cathedral.

Map of Vigan
Vigan is located there. Just in case you don't know :) Hope to see you at our next post. I'm sure it will be another crime. Bye! :p



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  1. wonderful experience. i love the bright colors of those animals.

  2. Philippine Accommodation | Yes, it is also one of the things that I love about them :)

  3. Beautiful and inspirational photos! I miss philippines even more. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I haven't seen those pasagads for a long time, I probably won't soon! This is one of the many fun traditions that my kids sadly won't see...awww...thanks for a walk down memory lane.

  5. Painted carabao FTW! This entice me more to push for my trip for Ilocos Region on October this year . Thanks for this one . Kudos to your find!

  6. Awesome pics of those colorful carabaos. I love them. I never knew there's a festival like this until post. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The Carabao looks cool with the paint for this festival. This is really a great event. I just hope the carabao didn't get irritated by the paint.

  8. Franc Ramon | It is water-based so these carabaos are at a safe pace :)

  9. I wonder how the carabaos feel when their bodies are being painted. hehe.. I miss Vigan, which plaza is that by the way?

  10. Che | It was not in a plaza, it is just near a plaza called Plaza Salcedo :) It was conducted on a street called Nueva Segovia [Paragraph 4]. Cheers! :)

  11. This is a unique and very colorful tradition, what with all the handsomely-painted carabaos.

  12. Namimiss ko ng sobra ang Vigan at I really want to be part of karbo festival. Makulay na makulay ang mga kalabaw. =) I like the second float ang galing galing lang pero lahat naman sila maganda kainggit...I remember merong ganito din nung nakaraang Pahiyas festival pero di kasing engrande tulad nito..

  13. juanderfulpinoy | Uy join ka na rin next time, dito nalang kayo pumasyal ng mga bagets during VIVA Vigan Festival sa May nest summer. Marami pang makikita aside from this :)

  14. It's nice to know that there are towns and provinces that keep the tradition of festivals. The photos indeed showcased the colorful event.

  15. Nice to know about Pasagad - the traditional and old way of our ancestors here in the Philippines. It is a beautiful and colorful celebration.

  16. nakakatuwa tingnan pero yung napanood ko sa tv, kung hindi ako nagkakamali sa ganitong festival,nag amok yung kalabaw.kakatakot.they found out na expat pala ang kalabaw.may lahing bulgarian hahaha,ang mga native breeds daw cooperative naman

  17. melvin | Hey melvin! Hahaha... iba pa rin ang Pinoy Kalabaw! Masunurin at mabait :)


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