"I was eating with 10 Civil Engineers and they were amazed by the total coconut facelift. 'This is about a million,' one engineer said."
It may look like an ordinary "kubo" from afar. But if you are going to approach it, the real effort of its making can be seen clearly. Loads of coconut wood have been put into position on which some are as long as 10-15 meters in length.

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Located in a very strategic location along the National highway in the town of Oas in Albay province, Philippines, a restobar called Masaraga, probably named after Mt. Masaraga which is also located in the town, also offers functions and catering services. Some of the woods are being cut to fit the design of the wooden structure. The restobar is considerably spacious since it also holds functions such as reception for wedding, parties and other activities.

As you approach this restobar, the most noticeable things to see are the accessories hanging and placed anywhere which were beautifully and artistically created to give this restobar a different outlook. Their light chandelier aren't ordinary because wooden crafts have been especially designed to contain the light bulbs. Some other lighting fixtures are old-fashioned which gives you an old-chill somehow while dining. 

As you enter this food house, you can immediately notice the massive coconut woods on which it made me wonder how they put it together to build this wooden structure.

The engineer who was with me said, "This structure could be a million-peso project in Ilocos." But of course, the rate of coconut in the market is not at all the same. "It could be cheaper here since there are a lot of coconut plantations in this place," he added.

This restobar is owned by a former politician in this municipality of Oas. Actually, he was a former Vice Mayor of this Albay town.

What to eat in Masaraga Restobar?

As usual, in every restaurant there are different menu. But I wanted to taste something different. Since I am in Bicol, I would have wanted to try a Bicolano Specialty in this restaurant but the disappointing part is that there are no such things. The foods here are very common and what added with my disappointment is that I did not eat what I paid. I mean, it was not "sulit." Imagine a cup of rice, one egg and two hotdogs for about 75 pesos? [I Can't remember the exact amount.] Gladly, I saw the sweet and sour chicken in their menu and of course I love the sweet, sour and spicy thing and I did not regret. It was the best I have tasted in Albay so far.

As far as I remember, this meal was about 95 pesos and there was no regret at all. In fact, if I am satisfied about the taste, I don't care about the prize [P200 and above not included, hehe].

The syrup in the chicken meal alone was already mouth-watering. The meat was so damn so tender! I love the sweet and sour mixture in the syrup! I was really glad.




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