"Somewhat a contemporary church but with the present set up of the town, this must be an old charm."

Standing very evident at the heart of Candelaria town in Quezon, this church is founded with majesty being the most massive and most architecturally grand structure in the area. Unlike any other churches in the country with full of history, few is known about the history of San Pedro Bautista Church in Candelaria; built later than the others.

[CANDELARIA] The San Pedro Bautista Church

This church is traversed by the Maharlika Highway about 23 kilometers from Lucena City, the provincial capital and 107 kilometers south of Manila. This parish church serves the more than 100, 000 people of the town of Candelaria.

The church, known as San Pedro Bautista Church is a protected gem for the people of Candelaria being the most notable old-looking structure in this modern town.

[CANDELARIA] Framed the irregular way

Situated inside spacious premises, the grandeur of the church is never blocked. But one early morning when I attempted to enter the square, a huge gate has hindered me making me unable to approach it for the details.

I just stayed in front of the gate a few distance away, yet the charm of the church should not be underestimated from afar!

[CANDELARIA] A fence and a big tree

In 2005, the people of Candelaria began a celebration called the Candle Festival. Since 2005, Monsignor Carlos (Charles) Pedro A. Herrera, the parish priest, started his devotion to Nuestra SeΓ±ora de Candelaria and honored her with a Candle Festival every February 2. 

The celebration was concluded with a procession through the streets of the town featuring the street dancing by the youth of the community in honor of the Blessed Virgin. A parade of floats representing each of the 25 barangays was, also, featured during the festivities.

[CANDELARIA] Woman of the day, whatever

[CANDELARIA] Municipal Hall

[CANDELARIA] Welcome arch

The church has two pointed bell towers with an azotea at the façade. Situated near the church are Vigan-like old houses. In front of the church is the Candelaria town hall and the welcome arch of the town.

[CANDELARIA] One of the children that approached me.

Several children approached me taking a look on the camera I was handling that time. They will be the next generation of Candelaria and these thoughts suddenly entered my mind. "Are these children aware of the heritage they have?" Of course, this church is an important landmark and has played a role in shaping the society of Candelaria. This church must be protected for its old charm... and the children too should take part. Candelaria, Quezon, being a modern town, thriving as an industrial area with the most desiccated coconut factories and oil refineries, the church although somewhat contemporary, is considerably an old charm for the town. It is a heritage where its old charm is parallel with its protection. /end

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