"Opening the wrapped food is exciting and full of suspense. As I am opening the leaf wrapper, the smell is going out that makes me feel so hungry."

It is located in an open space along the long and winding National Highway but believe me, you can have a private dining here. Yes, it might be located along the road but what makes it private for people with hungry tummy is that it is isolated. 

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Location Highlighted in Red

Situated amidst an open space with rich vegetation, grasses, and plantations of copra, you can not see any other houses, establishments, or buildings except this "kubo" which houses a restaurant [or could it be a carenderia] called KAINAN SA DAHON.

Located in Brgy. Madlandungan in Calauag, Quezon, the appeal of this restaurant is refreshing.

Dining with a very fresh air, with farm at one side, then copra plantations at every sight, there's nothing to ask for if you're looking a dining experience in a countryside setting.

Unlike in some restaurants in the cities where some mimic a countryside dining package designing their restaurants with countryside stuff, you will still miss some because as you go out with that city restaurant, you'll go back to reality that you've just dined inside the city. But in KAINAN SA KUBO, the countryside ambiance will never cease. Everything is real. The surroundings, the set-up, the place itself and the hospitality of the owners are all real countryside package. 

The photo above is their comfort room. So if the call of nature suddenly invites you, the best place for you is also close to nature, hehe. I just love the setting.
As this restaurant claims in their signboard, they offer Filipino native foods and what is unique here is that the food they cook is literally wrapped with leaves, specifically banana leaves, an authentic traditional way of cooking Filipino native foods.

What to eat in Kainan sa Dahon?

There are several servings they could offer but I will only feature the foods that I have tried.

Since it is Kaninan sa Dahon, the "dahon" thing is appealing to me. The name of the restaurant is intriguing. When I had the time to choose a meal, I saw a dish wrapped with banana leaves. This is a must-try. I asked the lady what's inside it and she answered me "dilis." Dilis is a type of fish popular in the Philippines marketed as a "dried fish" usually.

Opening the wrapped food is exciting and full of suspense. As I am opening the leaf wrapper, the smell is going out that makes me feel so hungry. As I opened it, wow!!!! There you have the dilis. Another dish was also wrapped and it was cooked as how the dilis was cooked. The only difference is that, it is a different type of fish and mixed with other seafood such as shrimps.

Tinola with Rice in Banana Leaf:

I was so surprised when our plate is not that common plate. This seemed to be a tribal dinner since the plate is somewhat "woven" wood. I'm not sure if it was rattan or bamboo. At this woven wood plate is the banana leaf where our rice was placed and of course we used this to eat. Wow! Very different!

What disappointed me is their "tinola." It seemed like the chicken here is malnourished, hehe. The chicken was not so meaty and it was not tender. "Matigas po." But the taste is incredible anyway. The soup is invigorating! It was as refreshing as the setting! The only issue for me is the quality of the meat. However, just work with the meat and it will be best!

After a big meal, of course everyone would love to relax. This is the place to be. After the meal, we relaxed at the very spacious lobby of the restaurant with fresh air and close to nature. Sleeping is a very good choice, but our trip must go on. 

Isn't it a very nice place to dine and relax? You are escaping the stressful city living! It is really a total package! It is everything but refreshment to our soul and satisfaction of our tummy!




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