"...there's nothing malicious at Suso Beach. It is totally wholesome and it's free!"

The name of the beach is Suso Beach and there's no way I can change it! LOL! By the way this is a the most accessible beach in the town of Sta Maria in Ilocos Sur because it is located just along the Maharlika Highway.

Suso Beach Sunset

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As you traverse the highway while you are riding with your car or bus and you are coming from south, look at your left and just immediately at the corner of the road is the white to golden sandy and coral beach of Suso.

When you look at your right, it is a beautiful mountain range with lush green forest that is totally refreshing. So when you are already in this part of Sta Maria, choose where to view, left or right.

Lovely Sunset!

I can say I was lucky this day because my visit to this beach is actually a perfect timing. The sunset is at the optimum view and it was totally spectacular.

The great thing here is that you don't need to exert an effort to reach this place because it is not hidden. It is unbelievably just along the highway with clear view. There are no concrete obstructions and it is a very healthy place for picnic. Aside from the very extraordinary sunset, the water is so calm because it forms a natural cove ideal for all beach lovers. Along the beach line, there are cottages where you can have your picnics and the local barangay government charge an affordable rate for it.


Where light and dark collide

The beauty of this beach is really a God-given gift. But there are some things I have noticed that could destroy the beautiful view. One is the parking space. In a sidewalk at highway level, it serves as a parking lot but what is annoying is that large trucks utilize the space.

Those long 16-wheeler trucks that are parked along that spot is an eye sore because it does not blend beautifully with the beauty of the beach. Rather, it obstructs the view. Private tourist cars may park there but those large trucks are a problem. Aside from the possibility that it could bring highway accident because it limits visibility at the other highway lane, it is not also suitable for viewing. I hope the local government could do something about this.

The beach is very beautiful and accessible so it must also receive special care and treatment.

Another thing I have noticed is that there are garbage which are not disposed off properly and most of these garbage are wastes from people and tourists who just have done with their picnic. No, no, no. To all visitors, please observe discipline. Let's take good care of this beautiful beach. If you want to visit this place, can we just make cleanliness as the compensation that we could offer to the beach in return of the relaxation and happiness it has bought to us? Well, think about it.

I will say it again, there's nothing malicious at Suso Beach. It is totally wholesome and it's free! The beauty of its sunset is a must-see and swimming at the beach is a must-try. It is really soothing I swear!




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