"I never expected that I will be able to try this. I just learned from my recent Benguet trip that you can rent that bright Igorot clothes for not more than 25 pesos and display yourself in public."

Once upon in my lifetime, I was dreaming to be able to wear an exotic dress like a traditional clothing not inside the comforts of our house but to be displayed in public. It's not that I'm weird or I have an attention deficit syndrome but I just want to experience the unusual things.

Being able to try the unusual and experience things that "most" people never tried is a fulfillment for me. I just "feel" that my worth and value as a person is in a higher degree if I know that I have tried and done more things that most of my friends or other people never tried at all!

Anyway don't worry because I am not here to bash, to compete, boast or to compare my self to you because that is just my "personal feeling." Hehe. It could be wrong or right. But the good thing in here is that it improves my self-esteem whether people will laugh at me or not, it is a bonus point that a person's self-esteem is healthy keeping you away from psychological and psycopathologigal conditions. I just want to clarify that self-esteem is an absolutely different thing from "over-confidence" hehe.

Distinct Red Color

Head dress

Head dress, again


So to start the story, I set a day to forget all the urban fashion galore and embrace an exotic form of fashion statement in a friendly, cultural, traditional and eye-catchy manner in a major major way. A great pick for this is the traditional Igorot clothing. 

If you think I was wearing "bahag," of course not! I am wholesome! (What a pointless reason. Do you mean Igorots wearing "bahag" aren't wholesome? Haha). My bonus here is that I was able to wear the Igorot clothes in public which I once dreamed once upon in EDMARATION's lifetime Hehehe.... One down!

I never expected that I will be able to try this. I just learned from my recent Benguet trip that you can rent that bright Igorot clothes for not more than 25 pesos and display yourself in public. Hehe. Anyway you can have unlimited shots from your camera.

Igorot Accessories

If you love wearing gowns, blouses, T-shirts and skinny jeans, these accessories [photo above] might not be for you because these accessories are exclusive partner of the Igorot clothes and it is part of the Igorot Fashion. Can you imagine yourself wearing a T-shirt then putting these accessories hanging at your neck? Well for that, you're just endangering yourself on what people might regard to your mental health. Haha. But if you want to try why not? Let the people judge you. Just kidding!

Anyway on the other side, try to imagine yourself wearing the Igorot clothings and putting these accessories hanging at your neck, isn't it fantastic? Of course, the harmony, design and color will surely blend beautifully, greatly and uniquely making you feel the cultural vibration that only the Igorot Fashion can give! That's great!

To complete the Igorot Fashion Galore, we need to wear the Igorot fashion set for your head to make it so grand. 

Wearing the traditional dress/clothing

The fashion set for the head is made up of the Igorot woven clothe [of course] and feathers making it so lovely and awesome! Now, after completing all the requirements, let's now experience a great fashion experience in an Igorot way! I was able to complete the set and I even had the chance to handle some props and a muse of course. For the female version, just look at the dress of my muse. Hehe.

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