"Being crazy and being broken-hearted has a thin margin. Don't make yourself crazy."

Having a broken heart is not at all a disastrous condition. Sometimes it teaches you to become strong and to become wiser. It is very helpful in molding the clay of life and to turn the subject into a great masterpiece when the right time comes - well-furnished, well-finished, good looking enough to attract interested parties.

[TAYUM] Broken heart drama: Traveling under the rain, to hide the tears, uh.

There's nothing wrong about being a carrier of a broken heart. It is just a compound noun but will work out as a verb to teach a great life lesson, or an inspiration if not a lesson. My outlook about becoming broken-hearted is positive. Call me jologs now please! Although at first, it may crash your world, can make you insane and make you lock yourself inside the bathroom for hours pretending you're dead, your wounded heart will heal eventually.

Yes, it is like a wound that may create a scar. The great thing is, if a man has experienced being wounded, the scar will remind him of his incautious past, a reminder that this time, he has to be wiser not to touch the thorns or step onto broken glasses. The same goes with the heart, the heart will know if it will get wounded, based on previous experiences and the wounds that serve as reminders.

[TUBO] Teach the heart where to go...

[MANABO] Guide the heart where to go...

So where do broken hearts go? Underwater? At the mountain top? At the crater of the volcano? Or somewhere in the horizon? Actually, you can go everywhere. However, broken-heart-carriers should go to a place where someone could understand them, fill them, feel them, lead them.

If you feel weary with your broken heart, don't go under the rain driving a bicycle (although I drove a motorbike and it is not a good idea) while imagining yourself to be the lead actor of a Korean soap opera or flooding yourself under the shower to hide the tears? Don't go the beach with plans to act as if you are drowned waiting for your lover to save you. Being crazy and being broken-hearted has a thin margin. Don't make yourself crazy.

[TUBO] Finding the way back home

So if you don't know where to go, go back to the basics, go back to the usual. Go back home! Find your home, find your comfort! Because home is where the heart is - the home that nurses a broken heart, the home that teaches a stubborn heart, the home that comforts a weary heart.

For me, being with loved ones and motorbike riding is home, and for a broken heart, it makes me love my home more than ever! The loved ones will make me feel loved and driving a motorbike far away from home will drive the pain away and kiss the hurt goodbye. Home is where you can find the kind of love that will never break your heart. A home that will take care of your heart until you are ready to take the risk again.

This post is the #TownExplorer's entry for the Pinoy Travel Bloggers' (PTB) blog carnival for the month of un-bitter broken-hearted travelers, February 2013.

Hosted and compiled by the Rakistang Nars, Rain Amantiad-Campanilla under the it's-my-ex's-great-loss theme: "Where do Broken Heart Go?" with Whitney Houston singing at the background as a strict requirement. /end

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