"The reason why he (my guide) trekked in barefoot is a mystery to me. So I just thought trekking in barefoot will help make it easy..."

From unusual mountains, to great exotic foods and kind locals, I knew by myself that those encounters were just the beginning, more are coming. The grand waterfalls, virgin caves and subterranean rivers are so hidden in the mountains of the town and that it requires hours of trekking. Sigh, if only the hidden natural wonders are near, I would not mind getting wet and dirty. I don't lose hope, there are two accessible waterfalls in Licuan-Baay I may still see and the first one is located in a sitio called Panaclisan.

Trekking in Licuan-Baay, Abra

Curious + Itchy Feet

Slowly but surely, I know I'm now also on my trek to the fulfillment of my simple joys and aspirations -- and that is to explore far-flung towns, discover and understand them, create memorable experiences and share my stories out of curiosity, courage and a bit of survival.

Too many towns to explore and in the province of Abra alone, there are 27. The other provinces are waiting. I must say life is too short and my resources are so limited. But I'll just go, wherever my curious feet take me.

Trekking in Sitio Panaclisan, Licuan-Baay, Abra

And I will follow this trail.

And as I always say, I write [talk] a lot on this blog. This is my 4th  post for this current town.

Sorry if I can hardly move on. Anyway this is a personal travel diary and as much as possible, I want to write everything that I feel. I don't want to miss any single detail, preferably. Because there will come a time that I will look back on these posts and cherish the memories. So get used with most of my articles, it is a long read. Not reader-friendly for that ground, but I have to do it.

Nalbuan, Licuan-Baay, Abra


Nalbuan, Licuan-Baay, Abra

Refreshing vista of Nalbuan!

So I am now in Brgy. Nalbuan in Baay. 20-30 minutes ride from this point is a place called Sitio Panaclisan, my next destination, still under the jurisdiction of Nalbuan.

And the reason why I have to trek in this sitio will be revealed in the next parts of this series. Riding from a car (not mine, someone drove me here) that can endure extreme road conditions, I finally reached Sitio Panaclisan and the calm river I saw a while back has turned to rapids.

Sitio Panaclisan, Nalbuan, Baay, Abra
Sitio Panaclisan, Nalbuan, Baay, Abra
Sitio Panaclisan, Nalbuan, Baay, Abra
Sitio Panaclisan, Nalbuan, Baay, Abra
And the trekking starts in search for a hidden wonder that the locals love. I have a guide who grew up in this town. He removed his footwear. I got confused. He trekked in barefoot.

The reason why he trekked in barefoot is a mystery to me. So I just thought trekking in barefoot will help make it easy so I removed my shoes and also went barefoot all the way! I was following him until my guide asked why I am in barefoot. I just smiled and said it's OK so that he won't worry. I am their visitor and I don't want to be a burden. He was concerned to me that I might step on to sharp objects. Uh, second time to trek in barefoot for unknown reason, lols!

Seriously, I just followed what he did and I thought I really need to do it.

Following my guide

Stepping through huge rocks

Sitio Panaclisan, Nalbuan, Licuan-Baay, Abra

I can still manage...

Sitio Panaclisan, Nalbuan, Licuan-Baay, Abra

Crossing the Footbridge

The first time I trekked in barefoot was in Alilem and it was not easy because of the slippery stones wherein I slipped and almost fell to the cliff, got wet and my head was almost bumped against the stones.

But now, it was easier because the stones are drier. The only thing  that lingers in my mind now is the reason why my guide has to trek in barefoot -- I wasn't able to ask him, I just followed him on which I learned later that it is not required at all, Hahaha! Anyway, it was a memorable experience.

At this point, we need to be serious as my guide has told me that we're near. The huge rocks are becoming even larger. Now I am seeing gigantic rocks and a natural lagoon from afar. My guide is already near and I am still following him. So what is hiding behind those gigantic rocks? I bet this will be more exciting! To be continued...

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