The town maybe new to you but I just want to introduce an itinerary the town explorer way. I would mean that this travel guide would not fit every traveler (because each traveler has a style and preference). The things I am going to introduce are not good for senior citizens unless they can ride a motorcycle with ease. If you are a rider or a thrill-seeker, this itinerary would fit you but I just want to clarify that this is only applicable to the town of San Quintin in Abra and you can still visit other towns in the province after doing this.


For those who want to spend an ample time exploring the town, I hope this would help. I actually encourage everyone to explore our towns in the Philippines wholeheartedly and that would include understanding the history and the pulse of the town. I believe a town can offer us new discoveries only if we try to explore them.

I also recommend using a motorcycle if you do it because it is easier to do the task but it will still depend on you if you want to use a truck, a bicycle your ferrari or simply alay lakad to death :p.

For the mean time, let's focus first to the town. Before we begin, I would want to first show you where San Quintin, Abra is located just in case you haven't read the previous posts of this series where I also placed this map. For the suceeding map, it will be more specific where in San Quintin those points of interest are located.

San Quintin, Abra Map
Take note that you can still make your own itinerary by including other towns so I am reiterating that this is specific to San Quintin only.

Although I will be making a comprehensive Abra province Itinerary after I will be able to blog all the towns I have explored in Abra, I want to be town-specific first then I will come to compile them all for my upcoming province-wide comprehensive travel guide for the province.

San Quintin, Abra Travel Itinerary and Tourist Spots Map
If you have followed my San Quintin Series, you will learn later that this post will just be a compilation of all the places I discovered in San Quintin. Ok let's begin:
Tangadan Tunnel is I think the most notable landmark in the province of Abra. This will always be the first on the list for the itinerary if you are reaching Abra via the Maharlika Highway then turning to Ilocos Sur-Abra Road because this serves as the welcome arch (no, not really an arch, it is a tunnel). Take your photo here and appreciate the structure. For more information about the historical value of this tunnel, read more...
Pay homage to the greatest heroine of Abra. She is Gabriela Silang, born in the town of Santa in Ilocos Sur but claimed by the people of Abra that she was born in the town of Pidigan in their province. Beside the Tangadan Tunnel is the Abra Welcome Park where this monument is standing. Learn more about Gabriela Silang and the history of this monument: Read more...
Well, there is nothing special about this town hall but it is important that you know where it is because it serves as a guiding landmark. Anyway, when I go to every town, I always make sure to see how their town hall looks like. It mirrors how wealthy a town is (most of the time) and it will give you an idea. The town hall is about 30-40 minutes from the Tangadan Tunnel. Just ask some people along the way where the town hall is located. The town hall requires you to turn left from the main highway so ask some people. Don't worry, they don't bite! Immersing with the local residents is part of the adventure. Read my experience inside the town hall here...
Visiting the Abra River is a must since it offers you a raw beauty. Take note that there are many towns where this river flows and San Quintin is just one of them. This site is located at the back of the town hall. Take a left turn from the road near the town hall (refer to the map above).

Possible activities you can do at this part of the Abra River are picknicking, fishing, swimming and why not do kayaking if you have the equipments, right? Oh no, not surfing, even though you have equipments, no surfing please if you don't want to surf your life, LOL!

If you won't try crossing the Abra River, your San Quintin experience won't be complete. This river crossing is free you know. It is funded by the provincial government of Abra to assist the residents in crossing the river - because there is no bridge to connect the communities. Wondering where to see the boatman? Just focus your eyes to the other side of the river and make a big wave. Be sure the boatmen are looking. They will come to fetch you.

So live like a local resident. But mind you, this is not a cruise ship that all you need is comfort. You need to adjust for the situation and act like a local resident. You can also act like a visitor if you want, that's not a problem but be sure you know how to adjust while on board the boat because it is not all about the comfort, but I would say it is an enjoyable experience. Read my river crossing experience here...
After the river crossing, try to look and identify the footprint of Angalo. Angalo is a mythical giant that forms one of the most popular legends in Abra. From this side of the river where the boatmen have lead you, you can actually see the footprint because it is gigantic.

I was not able to see it up close because you need to take a longer boat ride to reach the actual place. Learn more about this footprint here...

[7] The Cabaruyan Falls Challenge

I was not able to see the Cabaruyan Falls, also called the Hidden Falls in Brgy. Labaan but I will leave this to you as a challenge to explore it, the challenge to find your direction here and the challenge to share a travel guide here. To give you an idea how this natural wonder looks like, I have found a video here.

That's it! I hope you'll enjoy your town exploration in San Quintin soon! Please inform me if you have seen the waterfalls. As of now, I am still planning to go there for me to update this post.

How to Go to San Quintin, Abra

From Manila: Take Partas Bus or Viron Busline, they have daily trips from Manila to Abra. These bus companies pass through San Quintin. Travel time is about 8-9 hours.

From Vigan: Go to Vigan Bus and Jeepney Terminal. Take a Vigan-Bangued bus. Most buses that take that route are non-AC and are most of the time old-type mini-bus. Travel time is approximately 1 hour.

Narvacan Junction: If mistakenly took a north-bound bus that goes directly to Laoag or Vigan, drop at Narvacan Junction. Abra-bound buses all enter in this junction.

Travel Notes

The river crossing is available only from 8am to 4-5 pm. Once you crossed the river, be sure to be back before 4-5 pm if you have nowhere to sleep or else you're stranded and wait for tomorrow's schedule.

Staying here overnight is not recommended unless you have relatives or friends you trust where you can stay the whole night. Day tour is recommended. Accommodations near San Quintin are located in Narvacan (Ilocos Sur) and Bangued, Abra.

For a more comprehensive list of tourist attractions in the whole province of Abra, follow the following link: [ABRA] Tourist Spots, Attractions and Must-See Destinations

[ABRA] Tourist Spots, Attractions and Must-See Destinations

TEASER: "To those people who are afraid to visit Abra, think twice. Abra is the place with real best-kept secrets."




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  13. these are places i haven't heard so much about... thanks to you're post, i discovered how beautiful abra is. Yahweh bless.

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  15. how much is manila-abra at partas?

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