"As I leave this town, I know by myself that I will always cherish all the memories it gave me. I don't know when should I be back but I am sure, San Quintin has been written in my heart."

It was a town with hopes and dreams for its people teeming with great natural wonders that can set you free. An unhurried town, laid back, quiet and simply beautiful. I am referring to the town of San Quintin in Abra. My posts about the town may have seemed to be endless and forgive me for that. I just can't keep myself writing many stories about the town because of the many experiences and beautiful encounters it has shown me that are worth sharing for.

As I cross the Abra river back to where I came from, what I just saw at the other side of the river is another wonderful scene. On both sides of the river, there are beautiful views to see - actually, 360 degrees is a paradise unknown.

San Quintin, Abra Town Hall
San Quintin, Abra Town Hall as seen from Brgy Palang while crossing the Abra River

There's that hill (or possibly mountain?) at that part of the north where a structure is standing overlooking this great portion of the Abra River Basin.

The structure doesn't look special but it was unusual. The fact that it is located in this magnificent location gave me big smile.

San Quintin, Abra Municipal Hall

For all the hundred towns I have seen, this town hall is so far located in the most beautiful location before the judging power of my naked eyes. Most town halls are located along the road but this one is located at the end of the road with the Abra River as the backyard at the foot of lovely mountains. Who would not fall in love with that?

I would say this is already the finale of my recent San Quintin town journey and the view invites me to be back soon. This separation anxiety makes me want to stay here longer but this last river crossing facing the beautiful location of this town hall marks the end of my adventures here.

As I leave this town, I know by myself that I will always cherish all the memories it gave me. I don't know when should I be back but I am sure, San Quintin has been written in my heart. If you have followed the series, you know how San Quintin captivated my soul but everything has an end, and needs to end. In every single journey, there is always an end, but the memories you will cherish will make the journey to last forever in your heart.

Map of San Quintin, Abra
You are reading the Part 7 of our Abra Motorcycle Adventure Series

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  1. Waa last installment na pala to. I'm also like that Ed, nahuhumaling ako sa laidback atmosphere sa isang lugar, and hopefully wishing dun na lng tumira. :)

  2. Sky Summer | Hey Jo! True, hindi nakaka-stress, bawas wrinkles, lol!

  3. Gusto ko na talaga mag abra.... Dami kong mga friends na ang probinsya ay Abra nga lang sagabal talaga ang work sa lakwatsa....

  4. juanderfulpinoy | Oo nga Chino, sana manalo tayo ng lotto haha.


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