"The roasted cow served as a sign for unity, it was only one yet it can feed many which can simply be related to the goal of P.E.A.C.E. for Abra group to unite the people in one with peace and harmony."

The people of Abra from all over the world can never forget where they came from. It is a part of their outcries to change their province for good so the group Peace for Abra was formed. I got interested with the Roasted Cow that has made the people of Abra worldwide to spread peace this day!

Roasted Cow
Wholly cow, ready to get roasted transported from this jeep
P.E.A.C.E. for Abra is an international group of Abrenians with the goal to promote peace for the province of Abra and to help their less fortunate kababayans. 

The group is supposed to roast a lamb but since it was not available, this cow became the subject.

What made this scene interesting on my part is that it was a huge thing compared to the usual swine which is very popular as litson baboy. It was very noteworthy that this big roasted cow gathered all the Abrenians worldwide for a mission, for peace, and for unity.

Litson Baka
Abrenians who are more fortunate in their lives, around 100 of them came here to bring charitable works for their less fortunate brothers.

The event was held last March 08, 2012 at Bobila Farm, Cosili, Bangued and the roasted cow just looks epic as it made the people unite in one accord. The roasted cow served as a sign for unity, it was only one yet it can feed many which can simply be related to the goal of P.E.A.C.E. for Abra group to unite the people in one with peace and harmony.

One member said, "It was a wonderful celebration of helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters in Abra, which is the main reason why P4A exists!" -- This is a public service post made possible via Saks BaroΓ±a/end

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  1. wow... sana hndi magalit ang mga Hindu... God sa kanila ang cows XD... pero way to go on the peace effort! ^_^

  2. @grasya, yay! Oo nga.. anyway dapat i-respect din nila ang ating food the way we also respect their belief, hehe... This peace effort is noble :)

  3. we all want peace for Abra... hopefully soon! all the best for this province!

  4. @Mervs! Yeah! We gotta support this Peace movement and we'll explore the beauty of Abra sooon!

  5. can't wait to visit Abra soon! hayst sarap ng litson baka bro:)

  6. Oi Mervs join ka sa friends of Abra FB Group, I luv the people of ABrA!taz they are inviting bloggers to visit Abra, join tayo, db bro ed:)

  7. Yup Jeff! Their cool, sadly, hindi ako matutuloy on May 26, KJ naman ang sked ko huhu :<

  8. I agree . . . food unites people because who doesn't love to eat. More so, a celebration for good cause is worthy as well.

  9. It's a celebration of unity and may the cow rest in peace. =>

  10. I love beef but found the first pic a bit disturbing. No offense meant, Edmar. Just my first time to see a cow being roasted whole.

  11. That's a nice yet brief experience with the cow. How was the taste though, since you did'nt mention any other preparation on the meat like marinate or fillings...

  12. Wow! I have never seen an animal that big getting roasted. Although it's a bit disturbing on my end. But given the background of its sacrifice, it's certainly something that's worthy of a cause.

  13. Oh wow! I've never seen a cow getting roasted, ever, that might be really an arduous thing to do.

  14. HI Chef! It was supposed to be a lamb, but they didn't find any so they chose this cow. :)

  15. I hope all the ruckus going on at Abra would soon be over.


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