"As I explored the different parts of the house, it brought me back in time with strange feeling, a feeling that money can't buy."

Juan Luna is a prominent name in Philippine history textbooks because of his award-winning painting called Spolarium that earned a gold medal during the 1884 Madrid Exposition of Fine Arts. He is an Ilocano born in the town of Badoc in the province of Ilocos Norte, Philippines and I'm proud of that.

JUan Luna Shrine
The Juan Luna Shrine, birthplace of Juan Luna

Bearing a famous name and unparalleled reputation in the history of Philippine arts, visiting the birthplace of the latter gives an opportunity to see where this famous man came from.

The town of Badoc is just a quiet town, laid back and unhurried. It is often just passed on road trips going to the main attractions of Ilocos Norte up north and casually, only few are aware that this municipality is the hometown of a great person who took part in shaping the history of the Philippines. 

This town must have a big role -- it houses the birthplace of Juan Luna, a great artist that we can not afford to forget in our history.

Juan Luna Shrine BadocBased on how  I look to this old house, I can say that Juan Luna belonged to a family of middle class to elite bracket those days.

Although it has been recently renovated, the grandeur of the house is evident being made of bricks in massive walls and huge azotea, truly a huge house.

It is good to know especially for weekend backpackers that the shrine is open on weekends. Opening time of the shrine is 8am and closes at 4pm from Tuesdsay to Sunday.

JUan Luna Shrine

JUan Luna Shrine
This old house has been converted as a repository of Juan Luna memorabilia among with few paintings. Unfortunately, the Spolarium is not housed here, it is now under the custody of the National Museum in Manila. 

Inside this old structure, there is an old charm. It contains vintage touch. The color of the bricks and the floor show a classic elegance. There is no entrance fee, but they accept donations.

Juan Luna Shrine

Juan Luna Shrine

Juan Luna Shrine

Juan Luna Shrine just stirred my heart. As I explored the different parts of the house, it brought me back in time with strange feeling, a feeling that money can't buy. It is a feeling you can not explain -- seems like a mixture of awe, pride and nationalism. /end

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  1. Oh no!!!! May iba ka pa bang camera that you can use? Meron pa man din akong gusto ibigay sayo when we see each other. Pang camera din sana...

    As for the Juan Luna Shrine.. ang rich din talaga ng history niya. Dalhin mo din kami jan para ma-experience din namin ah. :)

  2. Oh sure... ipapasyal kita Mai :) from nature, to heritage, to culture.. complete package... so humanda ka sa hiking, trekking, and magrelax sa photowalk at museum tours, hehe..

    UUuuyyy, naexcite naman ako sa ibibigau mo hahaah... May iba akong cam pero hiram nalang hahaha.. papaayos ko pa yun :)

  3. naipit lang yung aperture nyan, kung under warranty pa, pwagawa mo; kung di na try mo muna itaktak sa palm mo; that has worked for me hehe

  4. Thanks kuya xtian. Will do ur suggestions. Hay sana masalba pa.:) mahal din ang pagawa hehe.

  5. Sorry to hear about your camera...buti hindi ikaw ang nahulog sa kaka-pose.

  6. Great post Edmar! Oh no hope your camera resurrects! Maybe save up for an all-proof one next time? =)

  7. @Sir Ding, LOL!

    @Eazy, Will try my best, haha.

  8. Awesome shots! ang dami ko pa talaga di napupuntahan sa Vigan.. will check this out pagbalik ko dyan.. thanks for sharing Edmar!

  9. Taking pride with our heritage which is just near from our own place is unparalleled with any monetary consideration.:-).

  10. Ahh such a historic place!! ang ganda ng bahay nya!! :)


  11. Always thought the Spolarium was in a museum somewhere in Spain, probably the Prado in Madrid. Glad to hear that it is in the Philippines...although the state the National Museum is in, and the way most Filipinos treat treasures like this, maybe it would be in better hands in the Prado.......


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