"We played the same game. We sang the same song. We dreamed the same dream."

Not everything written on this blog is about leisure travel and adventures. I also tend to write personal things here about life. For me, life is also a travel, a journey. As I have mentioned in my old posts, this blog is a diary and I'm writing this now because I want to save memories. I want to pen down how and what I feel right now that a major event concerning my significant others and good old friends just happened. My cousin married our old friend.


Time flies so fast. It seems like it was only yesterday when we were kids. My cousin Honey, me, and Toots (her husband now) are kids who grew up in our local church. When we were young, no one of us ever thought that these two will become a couple. You see? Destiny is unpredictable. 

My cousin Honey is my kababata. Since we only have 1 year as age gap, we grew up together as kids. We went in the same school. We played the same game. We sang the same song. We dreamed the same dream. So we studied hard even though we are both less in life because we knew how it feels to become a poor kid. Education for both of us is very important because we are both the eldest kids in our families and we felt the need to succeed in order to help our families.

I know her personality. I know if she has a problem. I know if she is happy. And whenever I see her feeling worried or sad, it breaks my heart. Our relationship is so close that since childhood, we only had one serious quarrel. As far as I remember, it only lasted for 2 days. It was my cousin who first approached me then the quarrel is over. After that, no more serious misunderstanding came.

In the church, we have this little boy named Toots. His older sisters are actually our close friends with my cousin. Toots just seemed to be an ordinary boy back then. He is the youngest of 10 children. We knew him but he wasn't a part of our circle of friends by which her two sisters belonged. Until we entered the music team of our local church. We became adults. Yes, we grew up in the music ministry. We played the guitar, the keyboard, the drums and we sang too with live band. From there, the rest was history.


We consider Toots as an old friend. But never in my imagination that they will end up in marriage. Love really moves in mysterious ways and I think God was the reason for everything because He was writing their love story. 

Few days before the wedding, my cousin slept in my room. That was the last time she slept in my room as single. We are so much close that each of us knows where our stretchmarks are located. But there is nothing permanent in this world. It will never be the same again because she'll soon get married. This is the reality. It's mixed emotions. But I am happy because I never felt this fear when I learned that she is marrying Toots. I know she'll be in good hands.



I saw how my cousin changed when she had a relationship with Toots. That weak girl became mature and I thank God for being the best matchmaker.

Well, I was encouraged to write this post when Michelle, Toot's sister (who happens to be one of my closest friends) posted a comment on facebook saying, "My brother married my best friend." This line I think is full of beautiful meanings and memories. How I wish I owned the line.

Maybe this is just a separation anxiety. That feeling when you know it will never be the same old time again. You know you already have the limitations because my cousin is Toot's personal property now (haha!). However, I am very glad that we enjoyed our time together as cousins. So I have no regrets. We cried together. We laughed together. We dreamed together of traveling the world someday. However, this is the reality God has designed. And I know somewhere in my heart, it will still exude the old memories.

I can't actually express myself how happy I am for both of them. So I am writing this now to unload the emotions. I really thank the Lord big time for giving the forever. Toots and Honey will be united as one forever. But no one is a loser. God also made it sure that Honey and I will always be my cousins forever! No matter what! ▬ end



Honey Lynn Antiporda and Toots Atinaja (real name is a secret, LOL) tied the knot on 08 My 2015. Congratulations to both of you! Best wishes! Thanks to Rhea Atinaja and to the newly wed couple for some of the photos I borrowed here.

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