"This is Holy Week up north. This is Vigan, like any other places in the Philippines."

I'm sure many of us know how Vigan is covered with deep-rooted Roman Catholic traditions since it became the religious center up north during the Spanish regime. The Spanish influence continued to live. Bigueรฑos are so much engaged with religious events whole year round. Personally, I don't join these activities because I have my own principles but I just want to let the readers know how Vigan looks like during Holy Week.

Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) in Vigan
I walked around the heritage district at the night of Domingo de Ramos. I have seen boys in their themed clothes handling some props and candles.

In front the Vigan Metropolitan Cathedral, a crowd of Roman Catholic devotees persistently waited for the start of the procession. This is how Vigan opened the Holy Week via Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) in Vigan
A well-lighted man-made figure of a saint was promenaded around the historic town. 

It was pushed by some devotees carefully as not to let it fall. At the back of this imagery are other sculptures dressed with shimmering clothes with crowns and lights.

Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) in Vigan
At the other smaller church of Vigan, weavers and vendors of palaspas was a crowd as devotees also flocked in number that the church can no longer accommodate.

This is Holy Week up north. This is Vigan, like any other places in the Philippines.

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