"So it was possible to experience a pebble beach and a black sandy beach in one place. This is my observation in Farola Beach."

The place was not a big surprise, although it is one of the most memorable places I have been because it is where I saw a lighthouse for the very first time. What is interesting in this beach is that the shoreline is divided into two types of beach.

Farola Beach in Tagudin, Ilocos Sur

Farola Beach in Tagudin

It has two types of beach in one place. The shore nearer to the sea is lined with pebbles, thus a pebble beach, while about 100 meters away from the sea is a black sandy beach.

Well, it is just an observation and it was the way I saw it. 


Pebble Beach

Black Sandy Part of Farola Beach

Black Sandy Part of Farola Beach

So it was possible to experience a pebble beach and a black sandy beach in one place. This is my observation in Farola Beach. 

This beach is mainly known in the town because of the historical Farola Lighthouse and it's historical importance as landing site of missionaries from Belgium who came Christianize the country.


Raft at the Beach

Farola Beach in Tagudin

Fishermen of Brgy. Farola

Although the beach is not as popular as any other beaches, it's importance in the community is as big as other beaches for the reason that many people in this coastal barangay earn a living from this beach.

So there's no way to underestimate any beach I am seeing. A beach does not need to be as powdery white as Boracay to consider it important. In the long run all beaches were made by God in different forms as a blessing to the people.

Map of Tagudin

I am not against if businessmen will establish their resorts here. But if I were to be asked, I would rather keep the beach as it is and leave the fishermen undisturbed if business establishments will be the reason of the modification of the natural beauty of the beach for personal profits.

How to get here? 

Just get a tricycle near the municipal hall and just tell the driver to drive you to Farola Beach. Fare is around 30-40 pesos if you are alone. Please negotiate for the fare first. The fare is cheaper individually if you are in group since you have to divide the total fare among yourselves. Enjoy! Don't forget to see the lighthouse too and the Kandaruma Park at the beach.




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