"Yes I know, I am not perfect and I can never be the best example you might be looking for but I just feel the need to do my part and to start it."

Arts are part of culture, beliefs of people and principles (but beware because the dark side of the planet has been using arts and signs to bring violence, slavery, immorality and mind-control or mind-programming schemes to you that you're not even aware you're already following a deed that comes from the 'dark', so be vigilant and stick to God). In the city of Vigan during the Viva Vigan Festival of the Arts, the Bigueรฑo artistry is very much alive. Don't worry because this art festival has a good intention. It is to unleash the talents of the youth that comes from God using glass, seeds and grains with good advocacies of their own.

Boklan Arts
The Boklan Art [above] which is made up of seeds and grains wants to bring a message, and that is to stop black sand mining along Ilocos' coastal communities and beaches wherein this industry is for sure benefiting big capitalists and businessmen leaving the livelihood and living of the common people affected.

Affected in the sense that their beaches are eroded, the natural habitat of marine resources are destroyed, and it even has an effect to tourism.

Boklan Arts

Boklan comes from the word bukel meaning seed. I understand the young artists used different colors of seeds to bring contrasts and emphasis to their craft as well as in shadowing.

Ahhh. Some 'may' have used synthetic coloring materials (which I am not really sure) but I bet the main essence of this Boklan Art is to make use of the natural seed colors to create a meaningful, vibrant and natural art which I also did when I joined this very first art fest in Vigan - and we all used seeds, we did not ever apply any artificial coloring material other than the natural colors of seeds and grains that blend together in harmony and passion.

Boklan Arts

Seeing those pieces of artful works made me fall own on my knees amazed with God because He has just given us resources and amazing talents to express ourselves - I reiterate, for the better, for the 'light.'

Aside from exercising these talents, in a way or another, it also promotes tourism in the city. This activity has been a crowd-drawer from different parts of the world. Yeah, I saw white people joining, witnessing this art fest.

Boklan Arts
The boards were placed just at the street called Nueva Segovia. So for this time, no vehicles were allowed to enter it.

And there was a parade, so let's take a peek on what happened with the parade. Too bad, I only got few photos.

Boklan Arts
Boklan Arts
I am not yet done, because there is still the Glass Mosaic Art on which the only difference is that, they [the artists] use glass to express their thoughts in a piece of board.

Personal Revelations: Thank you so much for having a time reading this blog. The existence of this blog won't be possible without you the readers, and my God who gives me strength and skills. I hope I can influence the nice way. << Rewind: I am not influential I know, but I am not closing my doors to be influential given the chance. Right now, I just realized to become a channel of blessing and of the Salvation from Christ and be a good model through blogging. I am not saying that I was a bad boy from the past (yeah, I could have been a bad boy in blogging, am I?) but what I mean is to make a difference. Uh, please don't get me wrong. Yes this is still me, do I sound strange now?

If you notice I have not been active in blogging these past few days (could be weeks) because I was at the middle of self-reflection if the things I am doing is just for self-gratification. It just bumped out in my mind that I want to inspire people by becoming a good example to others and to let every reader feel inspired before they close this blog.

Yes I know, I am not perfect and I can never be the best example you might be looking for but I just feel the need to do my part and to start it. You can still see flaws in me, mistakes and all that maybe now or in the future but upon my self-reflection, I have learned that there are better things in this world other than wordly pleasure, money or fame.

Yes, I confess, I wanted to stand out before, earn many fans, followers, advertisers and money. Nah! It was all for me, for myself and for my own gratification. I forgot I have been spending a lot of time working for myself diverting my attention from God. I realized I was just too selfish.

Right now, I am not saying that I don't want the fortune and all that. I realized that money, fame and status is more of a responsibility like, are you influencing your followers for good? Or questions in my head like am I doing the right way? I mean, this world is already too inflitrated by immorality, sin and things close to that so I am just feeling right now the need to reverse that in my own little way. Once again, I am not telling I am perfect, I am also sinful like anyone of us but I think I may not contribute in making people get closer to God if I will just stay silent.

So what do I want to tell now? Well edmaration.com will still run, the same travel blog with the same concept. The only difference now is that the blogger behind this blog is now unashamed enough to talk about God. For the negative forces, they will never win I know. I can not be moved because Jesus Christ is with me always to protect me and to keep His Words spreading like a wild fire. To God be the Glory and I know I made the right decision.
This is the Part 4 of our Viva Vigan Arts Series
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  1. I learned something new again from this blog. Hope you get back into the swing of things again. I miss reading your entertaining articles. Goodluck in everything you do Ed.

  2. juanderfulpinoy | Wow! That's heart warming, thanks Chino!

  3. I ponder as well, why you haven't active for the past few days. But anyway your blog is still an inspiration among your followers and constant readers. So keep the faith and make it more stronger! :)

    Btw, when we visit Ilocandia, hope we could meet up, I want to pay homage to the land of my greatest idol... Apo Lakay ^_^

  4. Sky Summer |Thanks bro! Yeah, hope to see you around soon :)

  5. With so many happenings and events, one could stay in Vigan the whole year round and blog about it! You are blessed to have Vigan as your home town! I just wish I could spend some time there...Part 4? I guess I have to read back. I have not been blog hopping these past weeks due to many work-related travels.

  6. Ding Fuellos | Sir Ding! Yup. There are really a lot. There are 6 Major Festivals in Vigan annually (not to mention the sub-festivals under Viva Vigan Festival of the Arts)

    And indeed, I am lucky to have lived in this heritage city. IT gives joy and pride in a good way.

    Haha, opo Part 4 na po. Ako rin nag slowdown sa blogging this September dahil napa-emote, lol!

  7. Ding Fuellos | P.S. About your first statement sir, yes, in fact I have a lot of backlogs pa and I can not still move on with Vigan because actually it can take me a year to blog all the stuff here based on my regular blogging routine, hehe. Buti nalang unti-unti ko nang natatapos. Probably I will be stopping here muna and start some places outside Vigan for my next posts para maiba naman. Lagi nalang Vigan. Hehe.


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