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I invested with a motorbike because it is my ultimate dream to travel and do backpacking all over Luzon (and hopefully the whole Philippines) with a motorbike!
"I invested with a motorbike because it is my ultimate dream to travel and do backpacking all over Luzon (and hopefully the whole Philippines) with a motorbike!"

I am just an ordinary travel blogger wanna-be, with "forced" readers [usually strangers]. But how about spending a li'l time reading how this corny travel blog came into existence... Now I am forcing you to read this, lol!

Motorcycle ride

[CABUGAO] Ride to the Northwestern coast of Luzon

After my 8-5 (with overtime) job before, I don't go home yet even though I know I'm tired. With my blood- and betadine-stained white nurse uniform, I rush to the internet cafe to rent a computer to familiarize myself in blogging. was not yet a travel blog that time, although my travel posts are my favorites.

I have been traveling since high school but the intensity of my travelust went up after I grabbed my first job -- that way, I was able to fund my travels (hard-earned funds, literally deal with "blood" to grab that fund! What a "bloody" effort!)

I am not a well-traveled person that time (...and until now) but I didn't hesitate to make my own travel blog. EDMARATION? Blah! Corny. Boring. Is that a travel blog? WTN! (What the name!) Yes! But it started as a personal blog that's why the name is attached to my blog name and I never expected that for now, my friends call me edmaration.

I invested with a motorbike because it is my ultimate dream to travel and do backpacking all over Luzon (and hopefully the whole Philippines) with a motorbike! Call me weird and unrealistic but I have started the goal already and everything shall be documented in this blog. If there's a will, there's a way. But I have already acquired my motorbike just before I started a travel blog because of that travel dream. But the idea of documenting this dream into a travel blog popped out later on.

Traveling with a motorbike is the most convenient and most efficient and cheapest way "I know" as a mode for traveling... in seeking for adventure... in exploring a town extensively (I am town-specific, I never say "I explored this province... blah... blah..." without being able to visit all the towns and cities).

Too many towns to explore, that's easy to do with a motorbike. I am telling this because I personally do it and I can prove it!

But there is this one journey that triggered a collision of electrodes at the back of my mind to start a travel blog and that is my (self-)over-rated post about reaching Cervantes with a motorbike.

[SUYO] Imagine, I traversed that road with a motorbike...

[SUYO] ...and this one too!

[SUYO] And yes! A joyride with that one also!

Oh yeah! I miss this journey so much! It was just unplanned, unexpected, and unbelievable. If you are from Vigan and you have learned I reached this place with a motorbike, you will surely consider me an #epic! :)

I am sure only a few (as of this writing) have ever done this Vigan-Cervantes route before with a single motorbike (no convoy) for the sake of "fun." Usually, bikers go here in group -- with support and help from other bikers when someone gets into trouble. But for this journey, we were riding with only one motorbike. So, this experience made me think of making a travel blog to highlight this motorbike journey... and the travel continued... oh yeah the backlogs... and now updating you travel stories and motorcycle diaries.

This is the first journey that inspired me to do a travel blog aside from those blogs that inspired me and my motorbike that allowed me to travel cheaply and under time-pressure.

This travel blog was born from a motorbike ride and will continue to exist with a motorbike ride but it won't end with a motorbike crash :\

Because of this motorbike ride, I said, "I want the world to know about this experience," thus, EDMARATION came into being. It all started with a motorcycle ride :)

I want to travel to other countries soon and ride a boat to Turtle Islands or a chopper ride to the Spratlys. But for now, I am more than contented traveling by land and town hopping in Northern Luzon because I know I am with my motorbike and that makes me go closer... and closer to the goal of motorbiking the whole island of Luzon.

How about you? /end

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  1. I didn't knew such place exist in Ilocos Sur. San malapit tong Cervantes? Anyway my love for traveling started last 2009 when we visited Calaguas.:)

  2. @killerfillers. It's weird and I don't know why your comment did not appear here, but I received it in my email. By the way, about your query for Cervantes, it is located at the west of Benguet and Mt. Province and south of Abra :)

  3. Hi Ed, I remember reading about your ride to Cervantes before for the Journey blog carnival! We have the same travel dreams. Good luck on the blog carnival compilation this month. Ride on! :)

  4. Ate Kara! yeee! this is already over-rated because i have shared it already b4 when u hosted the carnival. haha.

    and wow! we have the same goal! hope to have a joyride with u too someday!

    lastly, ur one of d best hosts ate 4 d carnival kaya napre-pressure na tuloy ako. haha.

  5. Yey! Love this part "I am town-specific, I never say "I explored this province... blah... blah..." without being able to visit all the towns and cities." You will be distinctly known for this, Edmar! :) Hope to join the blog carnival this time.. too tied up with work pa kasi. :/

  6. @Mai! Yes! please join... looking forward for budgetbiyahera's history :)

  7. Goodluck for compiling gusto ko sumali pero ang hirap magstart kung pano .=)

  8. galing naman...ang sarap pakiggan ng bawat kwento...gusto ko rin sumali dito..

  9. hi sir's my story....hope you'll like it..

  10. Edmar, my "leading man" had the same reason why he invested on a motorbike, that was before we met. Ewan nga lang daw niya kung matutuloy pa yung plano, kasi syempre di ako papayag na di ako kasama, eh nakakatakot daw pag may ibang responsibility dahil minsan na kaming naaksidente. Pero hopefully maituloy namin! :D

  11. wow! you are indeed a gutsy travel blogger Edmar having traversed that Vigan-Cervantes zigzag road on a motorcycle! I drove there and stopped along the way to immerse in the breathtaking views, and got dizzy haha.

  12. @Cris, yay, kaya niyo yan! Thanks for joining ha!

  13. @Ate Mhe-Anne, Talaga ate? You've been there na pala. Now you know how important this journey was for me. :)

  14. *jawdrop* That is one heck of a cool adventure! Dunno how to handle a motorcycle but I can almost feel that wind blowing in your face while you drive across that awesome view.

    And you just gave an idea to travel the Spratlys by riding a helicopter. That would be one interesting adventure. :)

  15. Goodluck sa lahat ng iyong travel with your motorbike, Ed! What a wonderful way to see the world ano? Will keep an eye on all your stories. Never get tired of sharing! Happy blogging :D

  16. @Adventure Accountant. Yes! haha. I don't have a fair complexion but my face usually sore after a long motorbike drive! Good thing there's helmet! Forgive me but I don't use helmet before. Para kasing hindi ko namamaximize yung travel freedom na bigay ng motorbike eh, haha #pasaway.

  17. @Drew! Salamat Bro! Oo, addicted talaga ako traveling with a motorcycle. As long as I have the chance, I do it! Parang hindi kasi ako kontento kapag hindi ako nakawala ng todo. Haha. Basta parang I love the sense of freedon it brings. Pero hanggang dito munasa North ang kaya kong i-motor for the mean time. haha... Mag-lelevel up soon, lol!

  18. Hi Sir Edmar! Nice adventures on your bike. I too, ride a motorcycle to get around. I'm new to this blog thing and I hope to learn more from you. I'm starting by following you in Twitter.

  19. riderako | Wow thanks riderako! Oh no, napressure naman ako sa comment mo, hahaha. I would say lets learn each other, hehe. I know you can be even better than me, just keep riding and blog like there's no tomorrow, LOL.


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