"These are my dream destinations in the Philippines and I swear to visit them before I die."

Yes I am talking about the extreme, places with the suffix -ost. Anyway, it is just about dreaming and dreaming is free -- that's why it is a Dream destination so I am choosing destinations worthy for superlatives. These are destinations that are unique and cannot be compared to any other destination because they own a record on their own that can not be taken away from them.

Dream Destinations in the Philippines

Saluag Island: The Philippines' Southernmost Island

Saluag island in the province of Tawi-Tawi is the southernmost island in the Philippines and it is 43.3 kilometers East of Borneo. I want to be immersed with the Badjaos and probably to experience sailing all the way to Borneo using bangka the way people in this island are doing. (photo credit)

Y'Ami island: The northernmost island in the Philippines.

Google is not able to provide me a photo of Y'Ami island maybe because not a good number of people have accessed this uninhabited island 100 kilometers south of Taiwan yet.

It is an island made up of rich vegetation of mango trees and palm trees (Wikipedia). I still don't know how can I reach this island soon since there are no information available on how to reach the place (besides, it is uninhabited) but whenever I have the ways and the means, I will bravely cross the waves of Batanes. For sure, it will be a non-stop capturing of photos and videos every moment. I may probably seek the help of the local government of Batanes for this very ambitious dream.

Kalayaan Islands, Palawan (Spratly Islands): The Philippines' Westernmost islands.

Aiport in Pag-asa island, Kalayaan for military access

Not a good number of people is aware that there exists a municipality in Palawan called Kalayaan composed of several isles and islets that belong to the Spratly Islands group. To note, Kalayaan is the richest municipality in the Philippines based on per capita income. It is a disputed area and the Kalayaan islands are claimed by the Philippine government.

Recently, I have heard a news that there is already a tour package to Kalayaan islands and this is just one of the ways to strengthen our claims to the islands. [Photo credits]

These are my dream destinations in the Philippines and I swear to visit them before I die. And for the love of travel, I will save more and minimize unnecessary expenses.

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  1. Wow! Saluag Island is also one of my dream destinations! :) This got me inspired to make my own list as well. Let's cross our fingers para magkatotoo ;)

  2. Oo nga Yedy. Yes we can and we will! ;)

  3. Waaaaa pangarap ko rin makarating ng Batanes and Spratly Islands

  4. I want to visit the Kalayaan Islands too! Totoong may tour packages na para 'dun?

  5. Joann, i read it on a news site. Cant remember the link na nga lang.

  6. such an interesting list of dream destinations... good luck, hope u get to reach all of that... be the first to post about y'ami island :)

  7. I want to go to Kalayaan too. :)
    Nice choices of dream destinations.


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